Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 837

    Chapter 837: Did Something Happen To Little Treasure?

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    Guan Ziyao was alert when she saw what had unfolded in front of her.

    What just happened?

    Judging from the situation, it seemed like "that woman" had quite an influence over Little Treasure. Influential enough for Yan Ruyi and Lu Chongshan to acknowledge her even though it was obvious that they did not like her.

    She was just a petty actress, so how could she be capable of being close to Little Treasure?

    Guan Ziyao had already investigated. Even one of the most capable psychiatrists in the country could not do anything about Little Treasure


    At the same time, in Spirit Studio.

    Ning Xi dropped by the studio after attending an event.

    Gong Shangze, Han Momo, and Qiao Weilan were working hard. After Ning Xi greeted them, she summoned Gong Shangze alone to her office.

    "Boss, whats up?"

    Ning Xi nodded and looked at him. "Tell me what you think about Director Qiao."

    Gong Shangze looked hesitant., "The truth?"

    Ning Xi laughed. "Of course!"

    "Alright" Gong Shangze cleared his throat. "Ill start with her personality. Shes a pretty cold person, so we dare not to talk to her any more than necessary. But her abilities are top notch. Tasks that might take us a few days to finish can be completed by her in an instant. Our efficiency has increased sharply in the few days that shes been here. In fact, were almost done with the orders we received after Fashion Week!"

    Ning Xi let out a sigh of relief.

    Gong Shangze hesitated again, "But"

    "But what?" do I put it? I can feel that her focus isnt here. She does not proactively do anything else here aside from what shes been assigned to," Gong Shangze replied honestly.

    It was just as Ning Xi expected. "Its already a blessing to have her with us here."

    She had suddenly been transferred here, and to her, it was just a mission from Qin Shengyue. She probably just hoped that she would commit no mistakes, and that she would not do things that were outside her job scope. Once the time was up, she would leave.

    "Alright, I got the big picture. Anyhow, Qiao Weilans arrival has been a big help to us, so be nice to her. As for the studio, we need to improve on our own, we cant always rely on her," Ning Xi said.

    Gong Shangze replied, "Understood, Boss."

    As they were talking, Ning Xis phone suddenly rang. It was Lu Tingxiao.

    Suddenly, her powerful aura faded and she turned gentle and sweet.

    Gong Shangze instantly knew who was calling. "Boss, if theres nothing else, Ill get back to work!"

    "Alright then!"

    After Gong Shangze went out, Ning Xi picked up her phone. "Hey, Boss, whats the matter?"

    "What are you doing?" Lu Tingxiao asked her gently.

    "Im in the studio, just checking on the progress."

    "If youre not very busy, could you come by the Lu residence?" Lu Tingxiao asked.

    "Im not that busy...but why so sudden? Isnt today your fathers birthday?" Ning Xi frowned and realized that something was not right. "Did something happen to Little Treasure?"