Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 836

    Chapter 836: Wife-Protecting Devil Activated

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    After getting permission, everyone in the room started looking around. After some time, they still could not find him.

    Guan Ziyao thought about it again. "Does the child have places he likes to go?"

    The maid replied with sweat coming through her uniform. "Ive looked through every place that he could possibly be in!"

    "What now, Tingxiao? Say something!" Yan Ruyi looked at her eldest son in desperation.

    Lu Tingxiao stared at his phone. "Ive looked through the exits, hes still within the perimeter."

    "Its all my fault, I didnt notice he was near...and said something that upset him" Yan Ruyi started blaming herself.

    Lu Chongshan did not give up. "That means hes still somewhere around here? But...we still have to look for him! We cant just leave him alone, can we?"

    "Let him calm down," Lu Tingxiao said expressionlessly.

    Lu Chongshan was enraged. "Are you serious right now? Hes only five years old! You want him to calm down!? Little Treasure is already unstable, and hes only gotten better recently, do you want him to go back to the state he was in before?"

    Seeing that Lu Tingxiao was not doing anything, Lu Chongshan suppressed his anger. "Fine, you dont have to tell me. Call that woman over!"

    That woman?

    As soon she heard the keyword, Guan Ziyao was on high alert.

    Lu Tingxiao looked at his father coldly. "Who are you talking about?"

    "That wom" Lu Chongshan stared at his son., "Ning Xi!"

    "I wonder who she is to us Lus, that she has to come here the moment you summon her?" Lu Tingxiao said slowly.

    Lu Jingli shook his head, knowing that the wife-protecting devil had just been activated!

    "Arent you guys dating right now?" Lu Chongshan was annoyed.

    "I see Father knows about it." Lu Tingxiaos casual remark was intentional.

    They knew he already had a partner, yet they still tried to match him with other women. They called her "that woman" but when some crisis happened, then only would they remember her as Lu Tingxiaos girlfriend.

    Lu Chongshan was embarrassed as he was dissed by his own son in front of an outsider. "You bastard, is this the way to talk to your own father?"

    "Why are the both of you arguing?! Is this the right time to do this?" Yan Ruyi pulled Lu Chongshan away, hinting him to calm down for Little Treasures sake.

    Yan Ruyi then looked at Lu Tingxiao. "Tingxiao, your father is just a little upset than usual, dont mind him. Little Treasure is our priority now!"

    "Bro, anyhow lets call Sister-in-law over in case of an emergency." Lu Jingli tried to soften the atmosphere as it was their fathers birthday anyway.

    Yan Ruyi nodded.

    Lu Tingxiao spoke up, "Ill call her and see if shes available."

    What did he mean by asking her availability? She should come here immediately even if she was busy! What else was more important than Little Treasure? Lu Chongshan was unhappy at Lu Tingxiaos attitude, but he could not say anything about it.

    "Okay, quickly call her!" Yan Ruyi said.