Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 830

    Chapter 830: Charm So Many Girls

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    Su Yan cursed silently, his expression darkening as he punched his car door. She had softened her attitude towards him before this, so why had she returned to this indifferent mean character?

    The fact that Ning Xi could not be easily read and had mood swings made Su Yan continue to think about her; thoughts of her filling his head uncontrollably...


    The next morning, when she saw the maids downstairs moving things in and out, Ning Xi was curious. "What's happening?"

    "Miss Xiao Xi, these are birthday presents from people," answered Butler Yuan.

    "Birthday presents?"

    "Yes, it's the Old Master's birthday soon."

    "No wonder..."

    Those who had received the birthday banquet invite would definitely only be from the higher class and gentr. On the other hand, those who did not qualify being invitedolved and wanted to kiss up to the Lus would obviously take the chance to swarm in with all sorts of presents.

    "You're awake, did you sleep well last night?" Lu Tingxiao walked out from his bedroom.

    Ning Xi nodded, then she casually said, "Your father's birthday is coming soon."


    Ning Xi pulled her hair and frowned, "Would Little Treasure have to be present then too?"

    Lu Tingxiao knew what her concern was, so he replied, "Because Little Treasure has not too healthy in the past two years, we did not let him attend the party. We'll see how it goes this year, but even if he attends, it would probably just be a simple appearance."

    Ning Xi was assured. "You must be very busy recently. Since I have nothing much to do this morning, let me sent Little Treasure to school today."

    Once she said that, the little bun had already appeared by her leg and looked up at her with a radiant expression. He had obviously heard about Aunty Xiao Xi offering to send him to school.


    After breakfast, Ning Xi changed into a long skirt and wore a pink hair clip. She put on an especially simple and wife-like makeup, then happily sent Little Treasure to school.

    Because he had Mother Xiao Xi accompanying him, the little bun was in a fantastic mood. On his usual cold and robotic face, a rare smile cracked, spreading cuteness to all the teachers and parents.

    A few teachers could not help but lament when they saw this, "I thought that Lu Qingyu was autistic, but doesn't he look fine now?"

    "Yeah, this child seems to only be close to his mother."

    "He's too cute when he smiles! Aww, in fact, he looks especially like his mother when he smiles. He's going to charm so many girls when he grows up!"

    "Speaking of which...why do I keep feeling like Mrs. Lu looks kind of familiar?"

    "Now that you've mentioned it, I think so too. She looks like a recently popular celebrity!"

    "I know who you're talking about. Is it that female warrior who's a couple with Jiang Muye in 'The World'? I quite like her too! But they probably just look alike. If you look closely, their charisma and style is definitely not the same!"


    After she sent the little bun off to class, Ning Xi bumped into his teacher in the corridor.

    "Hey, Mrs. Lu!" Teacher Wang quickly called to her.

    Ning Xi turned around and greeted, "Teacher Wang!"

    "Mrs. Lu, it's great to see you. I just wanted to have a chat with you, do you have time now?"

    "I do!" Ning Xi nodded as she could not help but worry. She wondered why Little Treasure's teacher would suddenly look for her. Could he be having some problems in school?