Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 827

    Chapter 827: Or Did She Not Come Back At All?

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    Su Yan freaked out a little bit, but he kept his cool. "Im just worried, Im not jealous. Get some rest and stop worrying, alright? Theres only you in my heart, do you not believe me?"

    After his affirmation, Ning Xueluo wrapped her arms around his neck and went for his lips. "Bro Yan...hold me"

    Su Yan could feel the girls breath, her soft, slender chest rubbing against his arms, and there was a sweet, overwhelming aroma emanating off her skin.

    Su Yan's body reacted quickly.

    However, for some reason, he was not thinking of Ning Xueluo's; the image of Ning Xi kissing Lu Tingxiao played in his mind, the girls embarrassed face coming clearly to himHe reacted even more strongly, but he did not feel motivated to act right there and then.

    Remembering her suggestive relationship with Lu Tingxiao, and her strange attitude towards him, he felt disappointed. He took Ning Xueluos arms off him and covered her with the sheets. "You need to rest, you have an event to attend tomorrow, remember?"

    "Its alright, I can skip it, youre already" Ning Xueluo touched the mans bulge.

    Su Yan quickly stopped her hands. "Im alright, go to sleep."

    He kissed her on the forehead, turned off the light and left.

    The was the sound of the engine revved up again. Ning Xueluo stood up and went to the windows to watch the car leaving the villa. In a fit, she swooped everything off from her dressing table with her arms

    "Ning Xi, you witch!"

    Su Yan had actually rejected her!

    Although his attitude was gentle as usual, this had not happened before!

    Especially the moment when she kissed him, his eyes did not look right. He was not thinking about her at all! That witch must have seduced Su Yan. She might have even contacted Su Yan when she was not aware.

    Damn it! Did she think she could get Su Yan back? Dream on!

    The Ning family and the Su family had almost merged together, and they collaborated on numerous big projects. Everything would be destroyed even if something small went wrong. Su Yan could never leave her!

    After he left the villa, Su Yan drove around aimlessly, then he realized he had arrived at Regal Riveria Hotel.

    He lit a cigarette and sat in the car for a while, but he could not suppress his impulse and entered.

    Su Yan hesitated in front of Ning Xis apartment, then he pressed the doorbell. But after a few times, there was no answer at all.

    Su Yans eyebrows closed in. Was she asleep or...did she not come back at all?

    At the same time, there was a black Maybach driving slowly on the road, a wild and loud voice shouting from it.

    "The river flows to the east! The stars on the sky form the Big Dipper! Big Dipper! When you see something unfair, do something about it!"

    Lu Tingxiao, who was driving, along with Lu Jingli and Jiang Muye in the back seat were all speechless.