Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 821

Chapter 821: Strip Off Your Top And Do Some Pushups

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After Lu Tingxiao entered, everyone became more reserved; it suddenly became quiet, like an office meeting.

Yet, the culprit Lu Tingxiao did not realize it at all. He just sat there on his own accord, while holding his girlfriends hand, admiring her angry face and relaxing

"Hey, dont let it stop, we should continue!" After the crisis was solved, Lu Jingli quickly continued the game. As long as his brother was here, nothing bad would happen to Xiao Xi Xi, so now he could go all out!

Following Lu Jinglis lead, everyone relaxed.

As they continued, Su Yan came back and sat down beside Ning Xueluo, but he occasionally looked over at Ning Xis direction. The girl seemed to be afraid of Lu Tingxiao. She sat there quietly and cautiously, her cheeks red from the wine she drank just now, but it also seemed like she was shy from the kiss

Seeing this image of Ning Xi broke Su Yans heart

Ever since Ning Xi had returned, she had changed. He had forgotten when was the last time he saw Ning Xi show this obedient side of her.

Back then, when Ning Xi was still a little girl, she would blush every time she saw him, not even daring to look him in the eye when talking to him

But five years later, he now saw the Ning Xi that he used to know, but her gaze was not for him; it was for another man

Could she be...with Lu Tingxiao

"Hahaha...Senior Jiang, its your turn again! Truth or dare?"

Jiang Muye was not in a good mood right now, so he just splurted out, "Dare!"

"I like your attitude, Senior Jiang! Alright, then! Please strip off your top and do ten sets of pushups on the Ace of Clubs!"


Everyone was excited.

"Pushups, hahaha" A few people threw over some suggestive looks.

"Ohh, the Ace of Clubs! Whos the Ace of Clubs? How lucky!"

"Could it be a guy? Hahaha!"

Ning Xis expression darkened.

Damn it, she had drawn the Ace of Clubs! What now?

Ning Xi stared at the devil.

Realizing the girls stare, he looked over and saw Ning Xis Ace of Clubs.

"Hmm? Whos having the Ace of Clubs?"

Everyone was urging, but just as Ning Xi was about to raise her hand, her card disappeared. In the next moment, her card changed into 8 of Diamonds.

Someone laughed. "No wonder the Ace of Clubs isnt talking! It is you, Second Master!"

Lu Jingli stared at his brother with bitterness

How could you!?

Well, he was the one who suggested to play this game anyway.

Lu Jingli looked at Jiang Muye with determination. "Come at me!"

Everyone laughed.

Jiang Muye sat just beside Lu Jingli. He had already seen that he was not holding the Ace of Clubs, but it was his card now. It was obvious that who had the card earlier

Jiang Muye forfeited his dare and drank three glasses of alcohol.

The crowd was disappointed.

There was nothing to look forward to now!