Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 819

    Chapter 819: Really Wanted To Kiss Him!

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    Everyone knew that Lu Tingxiao disliked seductive women, especially those who came up to him with ulterior intentions. He would not care even if it was a beauty.

    However, it was such a great chance to get closer to Lu Tingxiao. No one would give it up even though they knew they would probably get rejected!

    Ning Xueluo had her expectations up

    Ning Xi was going to embarrass herself tonight!

    "Ning Xi, quickly go!" someone excitedly reminded Ning Xi.

    Then, Ning Xi was pushed forward to Lu Tingxiao.

    As he heard what they were saying and he realized the air in the room was a little odd, he looked at Ning Xi and asked, "Whats wrong?"

    It was obvious that Ning Xi had drank; her cheeks were red and she did not look fully conscious as well, so Lu Tingxiao was on alert.

    Director Guo Qisheng coughed. "Its nothing, were just playing a game"

    "A game?"

    Lu Jingli touched his nose, then he pointed at Ning Xi and explained, "Were playing 'Truth or Dare' and she was picked to ask for a kiss from the next guy who entered, or shed be punished if she failed, Bro, youre the first person who came in"

    Lu Tingxiaos expression changed. No wonder Lu Jingli urgently needed him to come within ten minutes

    What if he did not make it?

    Then, Ning Xi would have...

    Lu Jingli freaked out a little as he felt the icy cold aura from his brother.

    Ning Xi looked up and stared at the devils handsome face. Ah...she really wanted to kiss him!

    No way...

    Ning Xi restrained herself with her leftover rationality as she remembered the game and that they were strangers here right now. The public did not know about their relationship. Under normal circumstances, she would have been rejected.

    Ning Xi let out a cough and acted as if she did not know Lu Tingxiao. She gave him a signal to act as if they did not know each other. She respectfully greeted Lu Tingxiao, "Well...Mr. Lu, its just a game, you dont have to mind too much about it, I can just drink as the punishment!"

    Ning Xueluo was a little disappointed, realizing that she was smart enough to anticipate that she would be rejected right away. Su Yans tightened fist relaxed as he heard Ning Xis reply.

    Ning Xi bent over and took a glass filled with wine.

    As she was about to drink it, her hands lost control.

    Lu Tingxiao was pressing her hand and he took away the glass, putting it back on the table. Then, he wrapped his arms around her waist, and amidst her confusion, he closed in and kissed her

    Suddenly, the room went into complete silence, but someones glass dropped to the floor and made a shattering sound

    Ning Xi was extremely confused.

    What just happened!? What was the devil doing? Did she not signal him? Did he not get the message?