Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 817

    Chapter 817: How About I Just Sacrifice Myself For A While?

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    "Oh right, let me add on, it can't be the same gender. It must be of the opposite gender!" the cast member added.

    When the crowd heard this, they became even more excited. "Then, what if it's an ugly and vulgar man?"

    "Hahaha, she wouldn't be that unlucky, would she ?"


    Ning Xi did not know how to deal with this. To choose someone from the room would be awkward, but to choose a stranger who walked in later would not?

    However, she had no choice. The rules of the game were as such, so she could only continue.

    At that moment, even though the crowd in the room continued to play, their hearts were obviously still wondering who the next person to walk in would be.

    The hotel was the liveliest at this hour, and every room frequently had people who walked into the wrong place, some of them even drunkards. In fact, a few had just done that earlier.

    However, it was not sure why this time no one had walked in for a long time, not even the waiters.

    "If no one walks in after ten minutes, is this considered over?" at last, someone suggested.

    "How can that do!? If no one walks in after ten minutes, then we'll just choose someone from the room!"

    "Eh, this is a good idea!" The girl who picked the big ghost earlier nodded in agreement. "Of course, if we choose from this room, then we have to choose someone of the opposite gender!"


    As they watched the ten minutes about to pass, they anticipated having to pick someone in the room. Ning Xi's gaze started to skim across everyone...

    It was easy to choose just anyone, but if it had to be someone of the opposite gender...It would be better to wait for someone to walk in than have her choose!

    After all, if she chose herself that would be too...

    Director, producer? These identities were too sensitive, definitely not!

    Lu Jingli, Jiang Muye...they were even more untouchable!

    Su Yan was out of the question...

    As for the other male actors and crew members...

    Ning Xi looked around and at last, she could not even pick anyone of them!

    Her head hurt...

    When they noticed Ning Xi's gaze looking around to choose, most of the men present started to become restless.

    "Hahaha, I wonder who would have the honor to be chosen by our beauty tonight?"

    "I'm betting Jiang Muye! I've long noticed that these two people have something going on!"

    "Why not Lu Jingli? This is a good opportunity to court the boss!"

    "Could it be Su Yan? Su Yan rejected her earlier, maybe she's unwilling and would ask again?"

    "Don't forget our male lead, Zhao Sizhou!"


    As the whispers and discussions in the room increased, almost everyone had been guessed by everyone, and Ning Xi's head was about to explode.

    The girl who picked Ning Xi earlier looked at her phone and said, "Ning Xi, ten minutes is about to be up, but still no one has come. How about you just choose someone from the room?!"

    In the corner, Jiang Muye mumbled, "How about I just sacrifice myself for a while..."

    Actually, he was just casually saying this because he knew that Ning Xi did not want to start any rumors with him. However, would she be taken advantage of if she chose someone else? She might as well choose him!

    Lu Jingli shot Jiang Muye a look, then looked at the time on his watch. "What's the rush? There's still a minute!"

    At that moment, Lu Jingli looked calm while he was actually about to have a nervous breakdown. Damn it, it was over, he was dead! God bless him!!!

    If he let Xiao Xi Xi kiss someone else, he would definitely had to die here today! He was going to die tragically!