Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 814

    Chapter 814: Got Hit Again

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    Among the shrieks of the girls, Lu Jingli laughed and said a few words to everyone. He was funny and charismatic, getting along with everyone soon enough.

    All the girls were screaming from his sweet words...

    "Oh my God! Second Master is so friendly! No ego at all!"

    "Most importantly he is so, so, so handsome! Even compared to a celebrity like Jiang Muye!"


    Li Jingli was Glory World's boss after all, so after he entered, he naturally sat in the spot between Jiang Muye and Ning Xi.

    When everyone saw that, they thought it was only natural and had no opinions, only envy.

    In front of Lu Jingli, Ning Xueluo was slightly awkward. After she made some small talk with him for her public appearance's sake, she did not say anything further and could only be like everyone else, observing Ning Xi with an envious gaze.

    Ning Xi speechlessly looked at Lu Jingli who had squeezed between her and Jiang Muye. She looked respectful on the surface to her boss, while she said in a lowered voice, "Second Master, there are so many seats over there, can't you just sit over on Jiang Muye's side?"

    Lu Jingli immediately just crossed his legs and said, "No way, I just like sitting in the middle of you two!"

    Ning Xi had no words to say. This devil of a protective brother was in motion again!

    "Right, earlier I heard that Producer Wang invited Lu Tingxiao too. Will he come over tonight?" Ning Xi casually asked.

    Lu Jingli took a sip of his drink and looked towards the dim light, with light rays dancing. Menacingly, he said, "Beg me, beg me, then I will tell you!"

    Ning Xi's mouth twitched."Do you think it's fun to tease me?"

    Then, Ning Xi just took out her phone and sent Lu Tingxiao a message: [My dear, will you be coming over for "The World"'s celebratory banquet tonight?]

    Lu Jingli's initial delighted handsome face instantly turned sour as he started to complain, "Hey! You're breaking the rules! I won't allow you to do that!"

    Ning Xi rolled her eyes. "Are the rules up to you? I just like to do it that way, what can you do?"

    Very quickly, Lu Tingxiao replied her: [We'll see, I have a dinner to attend.]

    Ning Xi thought about something, then smiled cunningly and replied: [Oh, okay, drink less! Also, you're not allowed to hook up with girls, don't even look at any of them for more than a second!]

    [I won't, they're not as pretty as you.] Lu Tingxiao replied.

    Ning Xi instantly covered her face.

    While Ning Xi was secretly texting, Jiang Muye and Lu Jingli were sneaking peeks. When they saw Lu Tingxiao's words, the two of them choked on their drinks almost simultaneously.

    Jiang Muye coughed profusely and cursed, "Jesus!"

    Lu Jingli chimed in, "Oh, my precious eyes!"

    When Ning Xi heard their reactions, she immediately became alert and kept her phone away. These two horrible brats had actually peeked at her messages!

    It was a good thing that she sat in the cornermost of the sofa, so there was no one on the other side, while Lu Jingli and Jiang Muye were on the other, hence she did not have to worry if anyone else saw.

    Midway, a waiter came over to open a few bottles of especially expensive wine.

    Wang Taihe was curious, he went up to say, "I don't think we ordered this wine."

    "It was a Mr. Su who ordered for everyone. The bill has been paid!" the waiter politely answered.


    When they heard the name Su, everyone instantly knew who it was.

    As long as it was an important dinner with Ning Xueluo around, Su Yan would spare no effort to make her look good. It was no wonder that he was in the entertainment industry's list of top ten best boyfriends.