Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 808

    Chapter 808: I Would Tank You First

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    When both ends had agreed that there was no issue, Chen Mian started to run through the script with Ning Xi.

    The shooting went very smoothly and they were done in three takes. The other two was only to shoot from different angles. At last, when Chen Mian reviewed the images in his camera and felt deeply moved, he thought that it was no wonder that old Guo had publicly praised this rookie many times in the director's circle!

    After the shoot had ended, Ning Xi changed into a casual outfit for convenience. After all, more and more people knew her face now.

    Ning Xi had been very busy for the past two days, so he could finally use this opportunity to catch up with her. Jiang Muye immediately stopped her with shining eyes. "Want to go to my place and shoot it up? I still lack three battles before I can level up! I must not lose!!!"

    "What's in it for me to help you level up?" Ning Xi raised her brows.

    "You want an incentive for such a little thing? Are you still my bro?"


    "Jiang Muye, tomorrow..." Chen Mian was just about to say something to Jiang Muye when he saw the young man beside him and paused, "Is this your friend?"

    Jiang Muye's mouth twitched. "Director, you know this person, okay?"

    Ning Xi cleared her throat and waved. "Director, it's me!"

    Chen Mian's jaw dropped as if he had just seen a ghost. "'re Ning Xi?"

    The "young man" before him wore a black racer leather jacket with sleek hair and had unruliness written all over. It was obviously a man who did not lose to Jiang Muye's aura...But if one were to look closely, you would notice, there was indeed some resemblance to Ning Xi...

    How could the same person look so different just by a change of clothes and different makeup?

    The change in the charisma that was altered from the inside out could not be done just by putting on a wig! Even acting could not be this natural, this perfect!

    "Uhh, well, in this acting industry, there's too little freedom, so I had to think of something...Director, you understand!" Ning Xi revealed an expression of tacit mutual understanding.

    After finishing work and donning the male disguise, Ning Xi had naturally changed even her tone and demeanor. Those who did know would think that another charismatic and unruly man lived inside her!

    Chen Mian could not describe what he currently felt. That long-awaited agitated feeling of emotions made it seem as if his blood was about to flow in reverse...

    "Uhh...Director Chen...Director Chen, what's wrong with you?" Ning Xi felt goosebumps as he stared at her with a pair of burning eyes.

    Jiang Muye unhappily waved in front of Chen Mian's eyes to block his line of sight. "Hello, Director Chen, don't tell me you like men?"

    What kind of look was that?

    Chen Mian pushed his hand away and said, "Go away, if I liked men, I would tank you first!"

    Ning Xi burst out into a laugh. Who would expect that Chen Mian was like this in private?

    Chen Mian did not understand what was going on either. Ever since he saw Ning Xi, he felt like he was in a situation where he could walk away any minute.

    He took out a cigarette and took a drag from it, then he took out another and offered it to Ning Xi. "You smoke?"

    Jiang Muye felt his forehead cramp up. "Chen Mian, what the hell are you doing?"

    Ning Xi laughed and rejected, "Director, I've quit smoking, don't tempt me now."

    Chen Mian put out his cigarette then ran to the front. He turned to remind Ning Xi, "Wait a minute, don't leave yet!"

    A moment later, followed by Ning Xi and Jiang Muye's confused looks, Chen Mian dragged over his assistant.