Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 805

    Chapter 805: What Happened?

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    Chang Li and the assistant had apparently already gotten used to Ning Xueluos stress and her worsening tantrums, so they tried not to speak and minimized their presence to avoid being scolded.

    "Xiao Ling, how has Grandfather been doing this few days?" Ning Xueluo asked her maid at home.

    "Miss, hes doing well! He even asked Elder Xi and other friends to go fishing this morning. When they returned in the evening, he looked great"

    "What about the things I asked you to investigate?"

    "Ive checked that only people from the family and a few shareholders visited him in the hospital, no one suspicious went."

    "What about Ning Xi?"

    "The nurse mentioned that she dropped by a few times, but she just visited him and chatted with him. There was nothing out of the ordinary."

    "Alright, I got it!"

    Ning Xueluos expression worsened after she ended the call.

    What had happened?

    The elder had been in such a terrible condition, then he suddenly recovered and got much better. He even hosted a shareholder meeting yesterday.

    Because she saw the elder was about to kick the bucket, she planned to get closer to the shareholders who were on Ning Yaohuas side, but as the elders health improved, she gave up that thought.

    Although it was Ning Yaohua who was handling the company now, the elder still held the real power and the shares in his hands!

    Not only was the condition at home a mess, History had been facing issues since the incident at the Golden Awards. The period after Fashion Week made things worse. With Spirit Studio taking away numerous big clients of theirs, even though it was not that much of a loss, things could spell trouble if Spirit Studio continued to grow.

    However, at this moment, she had to focus on her main career.

    Her most important aim now was to gather various resources and networks through the entertainment industry; she could not lose what she had.

    "Whats up with Ning Xi recently? What job did she take up?" Ning Xueluo asked cautiously.

    "She just acted as a co-star, but couldnt get anywhere quick. I heard she wanted to take up the lead female role in a drama, but was stopped by Liang Biqin. Don't worry, as long as Su Yimo exists in Glory World, she would never have it easy," Chang Li replied.

    Ning Xueluos expression softened a little. "Help me take on more jobs that are related to positive literary films. Make sure that the director has received awards before, and I dont care about the pay!"

    Chang Li instantly understood her. Although literary films were not very popular, they were much easier bets to win awards. Before this, Ning Xueluo would never have considered literary films. However, since she was already popular enough, what she had yet to achieve was a respectable award.

    It was not enough with just "The World" which was still relatively unknown. The industry was competitive, and there were a lot of new artistes aiming for the top. Winning the next Golden Film Award would be far from easy.

    "Got it, Ill try my best," Chang Li replied, but she felt troubled.

    Ning Xueluo had tried too hard back in the day, starring in too many commercial films and dramas which were poor in terms of standard and content. She did get more views, but her standards suffered. Directors who were aiming for awards would have looked for new actors instead of Ning Xueluo...