Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 798

    Chapter 798: You Deserve Everything

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    As Zhuang Lingyu said this, she looked coldly at Ning Yaohua. "If you care so much about the bloodline, you can just be like your brother and look for young girls outside to give birth for you!"

    Ning Yaohua suddenly panicked, and he quickly consoled her, "Hey, what nonsense are you spewing? How could I do such things?! Are you still not sure of my feelings towards you?"

    Just as the two people were speaking in lowered voices, Ning Xueluo walked out from the kitchen with a bowl of soup.

    "Mother, Father...I was worried that you would be anxious and feel heated, so I stewed some white fungus lotus seed soup for you to drink before sleeping! You will feel better. Grandfather has already been admitted, so the two of you must watch your health!"

    Zhuang Lingyu quickly took the soup and looked lovingly at her. "Aw, okay...good girl, you must be so tired today. You were busy with the fashion week in the day, and then you were called to the hospital as soon as it ended without any time to rest. You should get some rest soon! Leave all these things for the servants to do!"

    "Mother, I'm fine, I'm not tired!"

    Zhuang Lingyu looked affectionately at her daughter that she raised perfectly, and sighed, "Xueluo, the old man most probably won't make it this time. You must enter the company then, I'm just worried you will be even more busy and tired!"

    Then, she shot Ning Yaohua a warning look, indicating for him to give up those unwarranted thoughts.

    Ning Yaohua could only keep silent. After all, his current position was unstable and he still had to rely on Zhuang Lingyu and the Su family.

    When Ning Xueluo heard this, she disguised the happiness in her eyes and quickly said, "Mother, I'm still young. It's the best time to really work hard. A little hardship and fatigue is nothing. Besides, as long as I can help Father and Mother, I'm already really happy!"

    Zhuang Lingyu touched her hand and replied her, "I know that you're the most obedient. You will forever be my daughter. You deserve all of this. As long as I'm here, no one can belittle you!"

    Ning Yaohua coughed, "Naturally, the same goes for me!"

    Ning Xueluo choked on her sobs with her eyes down. "Thank you, Mother. Thank you, Father...ever since I found out about my past life, I've been trembling with fear, feeling like the world was going to come crashing down on me. I really don't know what I did wrong. Suddenly within one night, my home was no longer my home, and the parents I loved deeply were not my parents too...I..."

    Zhuang Lingyu felt as if her heart had been cut out. "Of course not, Father is still your father, and I'm still your mother. All of this will never change!"

    Ning Yaohua was touched too. "You're raised by us. So what if you're not our biological child? In our hearts, you've long become our true daughter! There are so many children who aren't filial out there, though they are biological ones, and they can't compare to half of you!"

    "You're our pride, our Ning family's lucky star, did you forget? You're not allowed to have such nonsense thoughts again!"


    Late at night, at Platinum Palace.

    Ning Xi had prepared to return to the apartment, but she found herself driving here.

    It was late, so she was not sure whether Lu Tingxiao was asleep already...

    Ning Xi was hesitating outside the door when the gate suddenly opened by itself.

    Lu Tingxiao was standing at the door in his pajamas. "Ning..."

    Before he could finish, Ning Xi had already ran into his embrace.

    "What happened?" Lu Tingxiao frowned and swiftly asked.

    The moment Ning Xi saw him, she finally let loose of all her repressed vulnerabilities, and said in a hoarse voice, "My grandfather fell ill. It's really serious, the doctor said he might not make it this time..."