Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 796

    Chapter 796: He Won't Make It Pass This Winter

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    "What are you doing here?" Ning Yaohua's face stiffened when he saw Ning Xi. Obviously, he was also afraid that she would ruin things at that critical moment.

    "Sister, you're here! Quickly go see Grandfather! You usually don't come back, Grandfather has been missing you. The person he definitely wants to see the most now would be you!" Ning Xueluo cried as she said this.

    The way these words were said...

    Clearly, she was trying to imply that Ning Xi was usually nowhere in sight and had only rushed over when someone was about to die.

    "What's there to see? Why are you here to pretend to be filial at such a time?" Zhuang Lingyu said in a hostile tone.

    Ning Xi's heart was focused on the elder and she did not have the time to deal with these people. She looked through the glass window of the ICU room, silently watching the old man who lay on the sick bed.

    She knew that Mother Wu was right. The person who worried Grandfather the most was her...

    Ning Tianxin walked over and pat her on the shoulders to console her, looking guilty.

    "How's Grandfather?" Ning Xi asked.

    Ning Tianxin replied sorrowfully, "He's temporarily stable, but the doctor said...that Grandfather's health is not looking too positive...he's afraid...that he wouldn't make it past this winter..."

    "Xiao Xi, don't be too sad. When a person reaches this age, there will be a day when..." Su Yan consoled her and gave her a tissue on the side.

    Ning Xi felt uncomfortable at Su Yan's words.

    Grandfather was not dead yet, but his words made it sound like there was no doubt about it happening.

    At that moment, in the ward, Elder Ning suddenly opened his eyes slowly and looked towards Ning Xi outside the window, struggling as if he wanted to say something...

    The nurse took off the breathing aid and leaned in close to hear the elder, then she opened the door to walk out and ask, "The patient says he wants to see a Miss Xiao Xi. Which one of you is her?"

    Instantly, everyone looked towards Ning Xi.

    "That's me!" Ning Xi quickly said.

    "Come in with me, but the patient's still very weak now, don't talk to him for too long," reminded the nurse.

    "Okay, I know, thank you!"

    Ning Xueluo's heart was full of envy as she watched Ning Xi walk right in. She had tried to please this old man, yet she was afraid that he would never compare her to a single strand of Ning Xi's hair in his heart...

    Of course, what she revealed on the surface was sadness and disappointment.

    Su Yan consoled her when he saw her disappointed face. "Xiao Xi is not at home all year. The old man would have definitely missed her a little."

    Ning Yaohua did not care about Ning Xueluo. He was preoccupied with what the elder would have called Ning Xi in to talk about. Sadly, the soundproofing in the ward was so good that nothing could be heard from the outside.

    Inside the ward, Ning Xi quickly held the elder's hand, "Grandfather..."

    The elder trembled as he looked at her emotionally. "You're here..."

    As she watched the elder's weak and withered appearance, Ning Xi's heart was wrenched, "Grandfather, I'm sorry..."

    "Silly child, why are you apologizing for?" The elder stroked her hair and gasped for a few huge breaths. He was afraid his body would not hold up any longer, so he immediately said to her, "Xiao Xi, I've always hoped that I could wait for the day you take over the company. That way, I could still be around to help you wipe out the obstacles and have you sit stably in position, but now...I'm afraid I have no more time left...

    "I know that you now have your own career, your own're angry and unwilling to return...forget it...I won't force you...

    "I've left 10 percent of the shares for you in my will, enough for you to be well taken care of for the rest of your life...I didn't dare leave you too much...because...a man's wealth is his own ruin by causing the greed of would attract bad news for you..."