Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 795

Chapter 795: I Want You To Have Someone To Rely On

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"I'm sorry, my grandfather is ill. I have to immediately go to the hospital, so I might not be able to send you guys."

"No worries, Sis Xi, go quickly! Your grandfather is important! We'll just get a cab ourselves!"

"Okay, take care."

"Boss, don't worry too much, drive carefully!"

"I will!"


After bidding goodbye to Gong Shangze and Han Momo, Ning Xi immediately rushed to the hospital address given by Mother Wu.

As she drove, she called to ask Mother Wu about the situation. "Mother Wu, what actually happened? I was just talking to Grandfather on the phone a few days ago. Wasn't he quite healthy?"

Mother Wu sighed, "Sigh, Master was just consoling you. You know the situation in this family. First Young Master only thinks about the adopted daughter, while Second Young Master's two illegitimate daughters cause so much ruckus every day!

"Master has waited for so many years, yet he could not wait for a great-grandchild to carry on the bloodline. As he aged, his heart issue was getting more serious too.

"Actually, the person Master was worried most about is you. At least, Miss Xin has her mother to protect her, but what about you, Miss? He was worried, worried that after he passes on, you would be alone with no one to rely on.

"Before this, he wanted to matchmake you with the young master from the Xi family's, just so you would have someone to depend on in the days to come..."

Ning Xi listened to all these words in silence, her emotions indescribable.


When Ning Xi arrived, Ning Yaohua, Zhuang Lingyu, Ning Xueluo, Ning Yaobang, Ning Tianxin, and Su Yan were all already there.

Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu looked forlorn, while Ning Xueluo had cried till her eyes were swollen as she leaned weakly into Su Yan's embrace.

Ning Yaobang did not look sad. He only stared at Ning Yaohua with despise. "What are you pretending for?! All of you couldn't wait for the old man to die, right? Once he dies, the Ning family will be all yours!"

"Shut up! Do you have any humanity in you? Father is already like this, yet here you are saying all of this!" Ning Yaohua rebuked angrily.

"What about me? Haven't I said what's exactly on your mind? Are you already tripping? You dare say that you aren't thinking about it?"


While the two sides were awfully busy arguing, the sound of rushed footsteps were heard from the end of the corridor, then everyone saw Ning Xi hurrying over.

"Oh, another one has come to compete for the family inheritance!" Ning Yaobang scoffed.

When she saw Ning Xi, an alertness flashed across Ning Xueluo's eyes.

The biggest hindrance to her getting to the power of the Ning family was that stubborn old man. Once he was gone, the highest authority would fall to Ning Yaohua. Without the old man's bias towards Ning Xi, Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu would definitely be on her side. Then, the Ning family's power would be easily attainable.

As for the second family, that weak and inept Ning Yaobang and feeble-natured Ning Tianxin were not even a threat. The old man would definitely leave the company in their hands!

Now, she was only worried if...the old man was impulsive right before he died and transferred all of his shares to Ning Xi recklessly...then, it would all be over!

Of course, the possibility of this was very minimal. Besides, Ning Yaohua definitely wouldn't let such a thing happen.

Based on the old man's personality, he would probably give her a portion to make sure she was well taken care of...

Even though she was not willing to let her get his shares and bonuses for doing nothing, it was still okay to let her be a small shareholder and watch her control the company...