Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 792

    Chapter 792: A Short-Lived Bloom Would Nevertheless Leave A Legacy

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    "Ning Xueluo is quite capable. Other celebrities have only created something small for their own brand and whatnot, even making losses, but she has done so spectacularly in such a short time!"

    "Of course, any other person in the entertainment industry wouldn't make it. She is a really rich and beautiful girl from a wealthy family. She even has a CEO boyfriend silently supporting her, so how could she not succeed?"

    "I wonder whose outfit will Qin Shengyue wear this time around? Is it actually not History? Didn't she always like supporting newbies?"

    "That's not weird. It must be some well renowned international brand!"

    Ning Xueluo frowned as she listened to the discussions around her.

    "Sadly, they could not invite Qin Shengyue..."

    Initially, their plan could have been more perfect, but who'd have known that a mishap would happen in the end? She was not sure why Qin Shengyue had rejected to walk for their show in the end.

    David, who was beside her, said, "Angie is great too! She's currently an international supermodel and her influence is comparable to Qin Shengyue's!"

    Ning Xueluo looked at him without saying anything.

    Even though Qin Shengyue had retired, she was the first Chinese to walk on an international runway back in the day and she was the muse of many international big brands. Her existence now was like the compass of the fashion world, and she had opened up a fashion company herself. With all that under her belt, how could a rookie like Angie compare to her?

    However, she knew that Qin Shengyue would be hard to invite, so this outcome was within her expectations.

    On the stage, other brands were still continuing the show. After several well-known brands back-to-back, the screen changed and a line of words were revealed: Spirit. ZX.

    "Ah...Spirit! Isn't that the winner designer brand of the Golden Awards?"

    "I thought that he would be short-lived and that they would not join the fashion show this time around!"

    "After all, they would accidentally be compared to History. If they fail this time, even the title of the Golden Awards will be useless!"

    "Huh, they have guts, they actually dared to come!"


    Since this designer had broken the record for the highest score in the Golden Awards, there was no doubt that everyone wanted to pay close attention. Thus, they could help but fixed their gaze on the stage.

    The more people anticipated, the harsher they could be. Spirit was indeed in a tough spot...

    The models started to walk down the runway. When the first outfit appeared, everyone suddenly quieted down. A moment later, the place was filled with sounds of marvel.

    Spirit had two different themes this time around: Temple Peach Blossom and Midsummer's Star. It was magically beautiful.

    Unlike the Nirvana-themed elegant decadence at the Golden Awards, these two sets of outfits were akin to Cupid's arrow, moving the young hearts of women.

    Offstage, Ning Xueluo was at ease and David was unperturbed as well. Even though there was a bit of resentment in his eyes, he obviously did not think of them as competitors at all.

    So what if their designs were amazing?

    In this industry, one could not only rely on good designs.

    They had even won the Golden Award, but what about it? The old customers would still only believe in their brand, and not easily trust a fleeting exhibition, a brand that could fall in reputation the next second and demote their social status.

    After all, they were targeting high-end customers; clothing was equivalent to the reputation of their face, so they had to be very careful.

    Now, what they needed to do was wait for Spirit to run into a snag and reach a dead end. Then, they could buy them over at a low price and even expunge the brand entirely before poaching the designer for their own use...

    However, in the next second, the confident duo Ning Xueluo and David suddenly widened their eyes...