Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 791

    Chapter 791: Gold Will Glitter

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    A week later, the highly anticipated China fashion week had officially begun in Imperial.

    It was a platform for the country's top fashion and latest works to show off. The fashion week had already become the main battlefield for well-known brands and designers to promote their image, show off their creativity, and set the trend. It was definitely no easy feat to stand out among so many brands.

    Many brands had already prepared for it half a year ago. Ning Xi's studio had only been set up not too long ago and naturally could not compare to those brands that had matured long before. In the end, they managed to rush the latest season's work one day before the fashion week.

    At that moment, Gong Shangze looked quite nervous in a corner offstage.

    Ning Xi had worked very hard to get Qin Shengyue in as a model. If his work did not achieve the expected effect, not only would he ruin the studio's reputation, even Qin Shengyue's reputation would be affected too. All of Ning Xi's hard work would then go to waste.

    Ning Xi patted him on the shoulders and encouraged him, "My dear, don't be so nervous. Be slightly confident in yourself, okay? Your work is really very awesome! Even Qin Shengyue praised you!"

    Han Momo echoed, "If it's gold, it will glitter!"

    Gong Shangze looked gratefully at them. "Thank you!"

    With the traditional Peking opera music playing, the opening ceremony officially began.

    The stage backdrop had been made to resemble antique architecture with the huge red door and jade green copper ring. When the door was opened, it revealed towering palace walls and models wearing luxurious cheongsams started to walk out.

    The screen then strikingly flashed History's logo.

    When they saw the logo, the crowd started to buzz...

    "Turns out the brand for the opening ceremony is History! This brand has only been around for a short one year, hasn't it? This is just unbelievable!"

    "That's why I said, a designer is a brand's soul. David is really a rare genius, his work is so soulful!"

    "But I heard that the last Golden Awards had an unexpected winner. He even defeated David!"

    "The work from the anonymous designer from the Golden Awards was quite mesmerizing, but too bad their style is too similar to History's. The chances of winning were huge as well but who can guarantee that he would win over David every time? I'm guessing that the final outcome will be that he will get kicked out of the market, or be bought over by History! Haven't you noticed that they disappeared recently?"


    The show ended with international model, Angie, wearing History's final outfit, making her spectacular appearance. After it ended, the applause from the crowd was thunderous and everyone walked over to congratulate Ning Xueluo and David.

    "This Chinese fashion show is amazing! No wonder the organizer chose History to open!"

    "Thank you, everyone!"

    At that moment, Ning Xueluo wore a clean little tuxedo, signifying her shift from a shining star to an elite company CEO, answering everyone's compliments with poise.

    Ning Xueluo had been thriving recently. "The World", which had only been released a while ago, had achieved $1.5 billion in box office sales on the first day, followed by the Hollywood movie and that comedy, "Joyful Occasion", becoming the season's unexpected winner.

    After that, the box office ran its course because of the super good reviews and netizens, every day faring better than the day before. A week later, it had closed perfectly by grossing $12.3 billion in total.

    Suddenly, the female protagonist Ning Xueluo had become extremely popular, even becoming a favored candidate to be the next best actress. You could say she was receiving double the harvest in both the entertainment and fashion industry...