Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 787

    Chapter 787: How Could The Man I Choose Be Wrong?

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    After Yan Ruyi left, Lu Jingli casually opened the container with the pork rib soup.

    Even though the skills of the Old Residence's chef were not bad, he had long gotten tired of eating it. He felt like it tasted the same as the cooking from restaurant chefs. However, the standard of their soup was still pretty good.

    Thus, Lu Jingli brought a spoonful of it to his mouth but he immediately spat it out just as soon as he drank it. "My God! This is so horrible! Is she trying to trick me? Is she sure this was made by the kitchen in the old residence?"

    Ning Xi took a sip and said, "It's alright. Even though it's not that great, it's still okay. You're just being too picky, aren't you?"

    Lu Tingxiao looked at the soup without saying anything.

    Suddenly, Lu Jingli thought of something and said, "I bet you that this soup was probably made by Guan Ziyao. Otherwise, why would my mother randomly send it over herself? Probably wanted to brag a little...but it stood nothing next to my Bro Xi's full course meal, hahahahaha..."

    After dinner, Lu Jingli and Jiang Muye did not rush to leave. They sat on the sofa to watch television.

    Because they had eaten too much, they could not move.

    Ning Xi accompanied Little Treasure to do some Sudoku, then looked at the time and said to Lu Tingxiao, "Big Boss, I'm running out of time now. I'm going out to watch my movie!"

    Lu Tingxiao nodded. "Mmm, be careful on the road. It's cold at night, put on a scarf."

    Jiang Muye heard this and was curious. "Watch a movie? What movie?"

    Why wasn't Lu Tingxiao going with her?

    Ning Xi was annoyed. "Jiang Muye, you unreliable person, the movie you're acting in is being released in theatres tonight. Don't you know?"

    Jiang Muye raised his brows. "The movie I'm acting it...oh, you mean 'The World'? It's just being released but I'm just the second male lead."

    "I can't be bothered to talk to you. I'm leaving!" Ning Xi kissed the little bun, then put on a mask and sunglasses.

    Jiang Muye got up to stop her. he said in an incredibly annoying tone, "Hey, wait up...fine, I'll go with you too. This is the first time I've acted as a supporting role since I entered the industry!"

    " uncle's not going with you?" Jiang Muye casually asked.

    When Ning Xi heard this, she quickly stomped on Jiang Muye's foot and said, "Why are you asking so many questions? He's not going! He has things to do!"

    "Big Boss, I'm leaving! Bye bye! Mwah!"

    She gave Lu Tingxiao a flying kiss goodbye before pulling Jiang Muye to run out with her.

    "Why did you step on me for?" Jiang Muye asked unhappily as he was dragged outside.

    "I almost got killed by you!" Ning Xi gave him a mean look.

    "What about me?" Then, Jiang Muye suddenly thought of something, "It can't be because we're a couple in this show, can it?"

    "What do you think?! Be careful if your uncle watches it and shuts you out!"

    "What about your acting with other male artistes then?Will he shut out each and every one of them?"

    "Why not?"

    "Okay." He really could...

    Jiang Muye looked at her with a complicated expression. "To tell you the truth, I'm quite shocked. I didn't think that my uncle would let you remain in the entertainment industry after the both of you have gone steady."

    "If not? Would I be a mistress kept in a splendid abode?" Ning Xi looked pridefully at him. "How could the man I choose be wrong?!"

    "That's enough..."

    At night, Ning Xi had also invited Gong Shangze and Han Momo to the premier. When they reached the cinema, the two of them had already reached. They entered the cinema and sat in the corner of the last row.

    Han Momo was already curious when she saw the person beside Ning Xi. After they sat down, she impatiently asked, "Sis Xi, who's that beside you?"

    Before Ning Xi could say anything, Jiang Muye, who was beside Ning Xi, crossed over her and pulled his mask off and asked, "You're asking about me?"