Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 783

Chapter 783: Traded The Most Precious Thing

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"That's settled then. I'll tell her to report directly to you!" Qin Shengyue immediately decided.

Ning Xi suddenly had some concerns. "Um, your trump it going to be expensive? If it's too expensive, even if you give her to me, I couldn't afford to employ her! Besides, would she agree to this arrangement? After all, my little place..."

"Since I'm the one making this arrangement, of course, you don't have to pay for anything. I've signed a five-year contract with her and there's still a year left. I'll transfer her over to you for the remaining year. After that, I'll let her decide for herself whether she wants to stay with you or return to me."

When Ning Xi heard this, she frowned and gave it some thought. Despite Qin Shengyue's assurance that it would not cost her anything, this trump card was from her. Since this trump card was a top performer, her annual salary would at least be in the millions, right? And this was just a conservative estimation.

Wait till she came to her little studio...she could probably only get a low salary...

It would be a staggering difference...

At last, Ning Xi gritted her teeth and said, "Okay, I'm giving it my all! I want this person! If my studio has yet to grow within a year, I will compensate her for the time lost with me!"

Qin Shengyue looked at the girl in front of her and admiration flashed in her eyes. "Don't worry, my trump card is not an amateur either. If she can only get a basic salary after a year, there is no need for me to give her to you. You can be assured of her capabilities but whether or not you can lead her will be very much up to you!"

"Okay, I understand," Ning Xi replied and nodded.

"Right, remember to prepare three sets of outfits for me, okay?" Qing Shengyue suddenly added on as a reminder.

"So many? Is it so that you have options?" Ning Xi was confused.

Qin Shengyue shot her a look. "No, it's not for back up options! All three sets must be exquisite! I will be wearing all of them! One set for the morning, one for the afternoon, and one more for the evening! Will I only wear one set of outfit for such an important occasion?"

"What...incredible! You're willing to wear three sets of our outfits?" Ning Xi was in shock.

"What do you think?"

"I thought that you would only wear one set at most..."

After all, she was a trendsetter. It was not easy for her to wear even one set of a new designer's work. T protect her status, all the other outfits would be top designs from internationally renowned brands but this time she was actually...willing to become a walking billboard for them?

Qin Shengyue shrugged nonchalantly. "It's nothing. I'm in a good mood today! Gladly!"

Ning Xi started perspiring. Okay...

She would never have thought that her impulsive suggestion would gain her something beyond her wildest imagination.

It was worth making her future brother-in-law work too...

It was worth running around with Lu Jingli for one week...

It was worth shouting her throat hoarse at that playboy Lu Jingli so he would know how to connect with the heart to pick up girls...

Qin Shengyue contemplated, looking at her, then suddenly said curiously, "Hey, tell me the truth. Do you look down on me? My husband has already treated me that way, yet I still kept hoping for him to change his mind..."

Ning Xi scratched her head, "Based on my temper, I would never take someone back once they're disloyal. However, everyone has their own ways of doing things, so you probably have your reasons.

"Huh, yeah...reasons..." Qin Shengyue sighed. She smiled wryly and muttered, "Because...the sacrifice was too big...he was someone I had traded my most precious thing for. My dreams..."