Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 779

Chapter 779: My Brother Is So Lucky

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Then, go. After all, you're entering based on your own capabilities, aren't you? No one will say anything!"

"But, on sister's end...would she feel like I'm taking what belongs to her away? I really don't want to fight with her for anything or else, I wouldn't have started my own company..."

"You, my dear, think too much. All of these things you have are well-deserved. How can you say you've snatched it away from her? I've already gotten someone to send that dress for you to Qin Shengyue, so there shouldn't be any problem."

"Su Yan, you don't actually have to do so much for me..."

"Nonsense, you're my future wife. If I don't help you, who else would I help?"


In the blink of an eye, it was the last day of the agreement with Qin Shengyue.

It was night time already and Ning Xi was still at her wit's end. At last, Lu Jingli impatiently huffed, "Hello, there isn't much time left. You won't let me work for nothing, will you? I've already gotten someone to ask around. Yang Shirou and Yan Junhao have still been lovey-dovey these past few days. She has no intentions of breaking up at all!"

"She obviously wouldn't break up with Yan Junhao. Do you think she would stupidly ruin her plans before she can be sure that she can get you?"

"Then, what do we do?"

Ning Xi looked at the time on her handphone and waited for another half an hour, then she slowly changed her outfit and put on her makeup.

Lastly, she looked at the radiant Lu Jingli and slapped her hand on her forehead, "Didn't I tell you not to shave for a few days?"

"That would affect my attractiveness!" Lu Jingli replied seriously.

Ning Xi speechlessly dragged him over and to put on some makeup for him as disguise. Ten minutes later, Lu Jingli's energetic face earlier was now replaced with a thin and pallid look.

Lu Jingli looked at Ning Xi, then turned to his reflection and was shocked. "Wow! Xiao Xi Xi, your makeup skills are really comparable to a proper disguise! My brother is so lucky..."

"How does this relate to your brother?"

"Every time you change your makeup, you become another person. It's like changing a new girlfriend every day. How exciting and refreshing is that?"

Ning Xi was speechless. This guy's focus was indeed extraordinary!


When Ning Xi and Lu Jingli reached the restaurant, they only had half an hour left until Yang Shirou got off work.

Ning Xi had already reserved a good spot in advance; neither too far nor too close to the piano, yet just close enough to eavesdrop on their conversation.

Lu Jingli asked Ning Xi, who had dressed up to the nines while clinging on to his arm, "Why is this different from the previous script? Are you a cameo?"

Ning Xi rolled her eyes at him. "Because your acting skills are too horrible, I just have to take action myself and increase our impact to prevent any mistakes!"

When Yang Shirou saw Lu Jingli as she was playing the piano, she first looked overjoyed, then her expression changed when she saw the woman beside Lu Jingli.

Ning Xi led Lu Jingli to the reserved seat and both of them ordered some food before starting to chat idly. She kept coming up with topics to chat with Lu Jingli about.

However, Lu Jingli's gaze continued to fall absentmindedly on Yang Shirou. When Yang Shirou could feel that Lu Jingli's heart was actually still with her, she was instantly filled with emotion. She glanced over to lock eyes with him, very much enamored.

Ning Xi looked at Lu Jingli, then at Yang Shirou, before she stood up swiftly and splashed half a glass of water on Lu Jingli. She then stormed off angrily.

Lu Jingli revealed a distressed expression, then he left the restaurant too.