Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 76

    Chapter 76: Almighty Sister-in-law!

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    After Lu Tingxiao had unplugged the cable, Lu Jingli couldnt hear what Ning Xi was saying, and could only guess that she was asking Lu Tingxiao to go back.

    Hearing his bothers cold answer, he screamed inside: No! Why didn't even Ning Xi getting personally involved work?! Do the heavens really want me to die like this?

    Ning Xis voice became even gentler. "But Im worried about taking Little Treasure out by myself. What if something happens? Little Treasuredefinitely wants you to come too! Come back, ok? Ok?"

    Lu Tingxiao was silent for three seconds, before he opened his mouth: "Alright, Ill be back soon."

    Lu Jingli was stunned, and then suddenly felt the radiance of the sun shine down on him he was in heaven!

    Sister-in-law is almighty!

    I knew she could do it!

    He had thought his brother was really unmoved, but it turned out he was only pretending to be annoyed!

    After ending the call, Lu Tingxiao said two words: "Meeting adjourned."

    Everyone looked at each other, not daring to believe theyd been let off just like that!

    Lu Jingli was so proud of himself: everyone thank me, Im the one who called our life saver, all of you were saved because of me!

    Shortly after the meeting ended, Lu Jingli was surrounded:

    "Second Young Master, did we hear wrong just now? A woman actually called Boss Lu!

    "Who was it? With just a phone call, she got Boss Lu to leave in the middle of a meeting!"

    "I know, right? Does Boss Lu actually have someone by his side? Which familys young miss is it? Second Young Master, tell us everything!"

    Lu Jingli stared at all of them warily. "What! Asking me who it is, what do you want? Want to hug her thigh now? No way! Only I can hug my future sister-in-laws thigh! You people don't even think about it!"

    Everyone:"" Couldnt they hug even just one toe?

    In the corner of the studio backlot, Ning Xi ended the call feeling relieved.

    Finally, it was sorted

    There shouldn't be any more problems after this, right?

    It clearly had nothing to do with her, it was really selfless of her to help!

    Just as she was about to leave, her phone rang; it was Lu Jingli again.

    "Second Young Master, what is the matter now? Wasnt that enough?"

    "No no no, Xiao Xi Xi, your honey trap was just too perfect! It solved the problem beautifully!"

    Ning Xis face turned black at his words. "What honey trap! That was luring the tiger from his cave! Have some common sense!"

    "Whoops, I understand, I understand! Thats it, Im hanging up. Ill treat you to food the next time youre free!"

    Ning Xi was speechless as she looked at the disconnected phone.

    What did this person understand?

    "Ning Xiao Xi, why are you hiding here? Lets go eat!" She hadnt noticed Jiang Muye coming over.

    Looking around nervously, Ning Xi relaxed after making sure no one had seen him come look for her. Wearily, she leaned on a big, red palace pillar behind her. "I have something on tonight, you guys go, I don't think I can make it."

    "What?" Jiang Muyes face changed after hearing this. "Its my welcome dinner, and Im your film partner! Youre actually not coming?"

    Ning Xi knitted her eyebrows together. "I know, I know, my fault, but I really have something very important on tonight, Ill treat you next time, alright?"

    "Not alright!" Jiang Muye did not buy her explanation in the slightest, and looked intently at her. "What do you have on thats so important? Who are you going to see tonight?"

    Ning Xis voice turned a bit stern."Who I see is noneof your business."

    After she spoke, Jiang Muyes face immediately turned ugly. "Youre going to see Lu Tingxiao, aren't you?"