Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 759

    Chapter 759: He Will Definitely Marry This Woman!

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    Lu Xinyan was still annoyed and he turned speechless when Lu Tingxiao's gaze turned extremely cold to look towards him to say, "If the way I introduced her to you before was not clear enough, then let me repeat myself. She is your cousins in-law. Watch your attitude."

    Before this, he had introduced her as future cousin-in-law. Now, she was simply introduced as cousin-in-law!

    He was actually implying that he would definitely marry this woman! It was to warn Lu Xinyan and everyone else not to mess with her.

    After Lu Tingxiao said this, he led Ning Xi away.

    Behind them, Lu Xinyan's face paled. Her cousin was for real! Was he just messing around? Was he actually prepared to marry this woman?

    This time, because Ning Xi had revealed her earth-shattering marksmanship earlier, everyone's attitude magically changed.

    "Indeed, we shouldn't have doubted Master Xiao...this girl really did amaze us all with a single brilliant feat. No wonder she could charm the socks off Lu Tingxiao!"

    "Exactly, that marksmanship, wow...amazing! I remember very clearly that the first time, she did not wear any ear muffs or eye googles. She did not even look at the target. The second time, she also did not aim at all. She simply fired three shots and that last pick up move of a heart shape on the target was even more last, even Major General Zhuang was shocked. Is that woman really just a normal C-list actress?"

    "Who knows!?"

    "What's the big deal? Even though she is not entirely useless, she only has one such skill!" Lu Xinyan mumbled as she clung onto Guan Ziyao's arm. "Sis Ziyao, don't stoop to the levels of those people! It's just a little trick to fool everyone!"

    Guan Ziyao's expression was heavy in thought. It seemed like she had underestimated that woman.

    However, her face soon returned to her usual arrogance and indifferent expression. This time, she had only made a mistake because of her underestimation.

    After Lu Tingxiao left, Mo Lingtian observed Guan Ziyao's expression quietly. Her gaze kept changing. Finally, he pulled her to a corner.

    "What's up?" Guan Ziyao asked with a frown.

    Mo Lingtian put a hand on his hip while the other held his forehead. He circled several rounds on the same spot, then said with an irritable expression, "I should be the one asking you this! What's up with you? The way you're acting today is so weird! What are your intentions?"

    "What do you think my intentions are?"

    "Could you be interested in Lu Tingxiao..." Mo Lingtian involuntarily tightened his hand into a fist. "Didn't you only treat him as a good brother all this while?"

    "That was because the timing was not right before this."

    "So you're saying you really like Lu Tingxiao?" Mo Lingtians expression instantly changed and his tone turned serious. "But he already has a girlfriend now, so what do you want to do? Do you want to be a third party in this?"

    "Shes just a girlfriend. I have the right to a fair competition."

    "You're crazy..." Mo Lingtian suddenly felt like he had never really known the person in front of him.

    Guan Ziyao was firm with her stand. "I'm just taking back what was originally mine."

    For as long as she could remember, there was only one person in her eyes. And that was Lu Tingxiao.

    They had the same IQ, the same interests and hobbies, the same family background...all of these made them exceptionally compatible.

    That was why she was not rushed at all. She had always thought they had such great chemistry, that they were destined to be together.

    So, even though she had left for many years, she never doubted this one bit.

    Only she never would have thought...

    The moment she returned, what was originally determined by fate up till then had unexpectedly changed.

    However, it did not matter. She would reverse this unexpected change.