Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 750

Chapter 750: Boss, Youre So Sharp!

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Looking at the horrible score, Ning Xi was stunned. "My outfit mustve affected my performance today!"

Mo Lingtian laughed, then comforted her, "Thats pretty good, at least you hit the target!"

Lu Tingxiao patted her head and tried his hand at shooting as well, scoring 6.2 points. Just slightly lower than Ning Xi's.

Mo Lingtian patted Lu Tingxiaos shoulder and sighed, "Brother! Im impressed! This is probably the toughest score youve hit in your lifetime!"

Lu Tingxiao got a 6.2...which was even more surprising than a 10 pointer...

Ning Xi ignored Mo Lingtians teasing as she happily went up to Lu Tingxiao to gush, "Boss, youre so sharp!"

As Lu Tingxiao was about to say something, his phone rang. It was a call from home.

Any sign of expression was wiped off his face as he turned to Ning Xi. "You can play on your own first, Ill go and pick up a call."

He then signaled to Mo Lingtian, asking him to take care of Ning Xi.

Mo Lingtian gave him a shooing gesture. "Just go and pick up your phone call quickly! Go!"

The moment Lu Tingxiao left, the people who were wary of him suddenly spoke in much louder voices.

"Thats hilarious! Even the girl who didnt know anything within our group got a 7 and Lu Tingxiao's girl dares to claim that shes good at it?" Lu Xinyan said scornfully.

Another girl shrugged. "Maybe its already good enough for her! At least she hit the target! Im quite surprised that she didnt miss!"

Why would Lu Tingxiao be with such a useless woman? Im really curious! Someone go and ask him!"

"Im not going to! Im just being polite because of Lu Tingxiao but I refuse to be friendly with her!"

Ning Xi calmly wiped her gun while listening to their discussion. These people were from the wealthy circle of Imperial. They were either the heirs of a wealthy organization or the prince or princesses of some high-ranking government officials. They were just being fairly nice to Ning Xi because of Lu Tingxiao.

At that moment, someone told Guan Ziyao, "Ziyao, you and Mo Lingtian are closer to Bro Xiao. Why don't you try to talk to him and tell him not to be fooled by a woman like her!"

"He will eventually find out himself," Guan Ziyao replied.

"Thatd be too late. The moment he finds out, he wouldve been deceived!"

As Lu Xinyan listened to them, her face turned bright red. She felt embarrassed and could not accept the fact that her perfect cousin was being fooled by this woman

Boiling with anger, Lu Xinyan could not hold it in anymore. She walked up to Ning Xi and demanded, "I dont care what did you do to be with my cousin! Tell me what it takes in order for you to leave him!"

Mo Lingtian quickly stood in between them and tried to defuse the situation. "Hey, what are you doing? Were here to have some fun! Stop making a fuss!"

"Im not making a fuss! Seriously, how is this woman worthy of my cousin?"

As Mo Lingtian was trying to convince Lu Xinyan to calm down, Ning Xi curled her fingers around the gun in her hand and blinked innocently. "Leaving your cousin? Its easy! You just have to defeat me!"