Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 742

    Chapter 742: Single, Torturing Devil Lu Tingxiao

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    Looking at the disappointment on her face, Lu Tingxiao ran his fingers through her hair, reassuring her, "Youll find something better."

    Ning Xi took his words as just an obligatory comfort. She still felt regretful not being able to participate in the audition. Actually, even if she was given the chance to audition, she might fail if they prepared an action scene. With the current leg injury, she would not pass for sure! Too bad for her!

    She hoped that the devils words would come true and that she could find something better

    Sensing her unhappiness, Lu Tingxiao said in a gentle tone, "Ill take you out on a date tomorrow."

    Ning Xis eyes twinkled brightly. "Really? What are we doing? Horse riding, skiing, parachuting, or shooting practice?"

    Lu Tingxiao stared at her quietly. "Looking at sceneries."

    Ning Xi went silent.

    Sceneries...sceneries...Ning Xis face was full of dread

    "Okay, as long as Im together with you, Boss, itll be fun even if were just watching TV together!" Ning Xi optimistically went along. She was lucky she even got a chance to go out!

    "Okay, rest earlier. Ill come and get you tomorrow morning."

    Alright, good night!"

    On the way back, while Lu Tingxiao was driving, his phone rang.

    Lu Tingxiao saw Mo Lingtian's name flash on the screen. He put on his Bluetooth earphone and picked up the phone. "Hello."

    An excited voice came through. "Lu Tingxiao, were having a singles' party tomorrow. Only close friends are invited. Want to join us?"

    Lu Tingxiao replied without even considering, "No."

    "Ziyao just came back. Just take this as a welcome party for her," Mo Lingtian persuaded.

    "Next time."

    This week was critical for him. He could not waste his time on meaningless things.

    Mo Lingtian did not give up his persistence. "Theres going to be a lot of pretty ladies here! There are some that look similar to that Xi chick! Some are even prettier than her! You dont have to just stick to one tree. Just change your target!"


    Mo Lingtian was frustrated. "Youre really not coming!? Ive told them that youd come! What have you been doing at home all day? Dont tell me you need to work. There isnt much going on in your company lately!"

    After Mo Lingtian finished his rant, Lu Tingxiao replied, "Your theme doesnt suit me."

    "What do you mean? The theme doesnt suit you?" Mo Lingtian was confused.

    "Im not single."

    Mo Lingtian was speechless.

    After a brief moment of silence, a thunderous roar came through the phone, "What!? Lu Tingxiao! You found yourself a girlfriend without telling me?! So much for being friends! You traitor!"

    Mo Lingtian wished he could burn Lu Tingxiao alive right then!

    It had only been a few months since he heard Lu Tingxiao had someone he liked and even then, he already felt he was hallucinating. Now, the unthinkable had happened! Lu Tingxiao personally told him that he got a girlfriend!

    The legendary single man Lu Tingxiao left the rank of the singles! Mo Lingtian was at a loss!

    Mo Lingtian spoke hurtfully, "You have to come tomorrow! Bring her over! And you can introduce her to everyone. I cant possibly be the only one stung by this news!"

    Obviously, the last sentence was the main point.

    "Im not available tomorrow."

    "Dont lie to me! What are you going to do?"

    "I'll be out dating."

    Mo Lingtian had no words.