Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 739

    Chapter 739: Wait For Me A While More, Okay?

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    The smaller artistes accompanying Liang Biqin on the side instantly started to echo.

    "How shameless that she tried to get close just by looking at how big the budget and the drama crew is without reflecting on how she looks! She thinks that just because she's pretty, she can accept any show?"

    "Exactly, she looks so gaudy. If she dressed as a man, how weird would that be?"

    "She is only suitable for the role of the vixen!"

    The director held Liang Biqin's hand and touched it meaningfully while smiling. "Biqin still fits what I want best!"

    Rumors had it that Su Yimo was the woman of the CEO of Lu Group, so he naturally dared not touch her. But this little cousin of hers...if things were mutually consensual, he could mess around with her a little.

    When Liang Biqin received the director's hint, she was naturally happy to be associated with a big director like him, so she laughed. "And I thank the director for his love!"

    Su Yimo was happy to watch the two of them flirt. Director Zheng was a reputable director and if Liang Biqin could hook up with him, she would definitely benefit in the future.

    She had spent so much effort to help Liang Biqin because her kind of shows was different from hers, so there would not be a conflict of interest. At the same time, she needed a strong assistant. In fact, for occasions like these that needed accompanying and courtesy, she could comfortably leave it all to her...


    In the apartment.

    "So far, this show already has sixty million dollars in investment. For an idol drama to have sixty million dollars in investment is quite rare in the industry. The drama team also invited many big shots within the industry. Even someone who carried soya sauce in the scene is an A-lister cameo, that means so many people are just there to match one female lead. With such a line-up, the competition would obviously be intense. One would not get the part just for acting skills and suitability. Based on your current work experience, I'm afraid that you are slightly lacking..."

    "Sis Zhizhi, I understand."

    Even though Ning Xi was reluctant, she could not deny that she was a rookie who had only acted as a supporting actress. It was tough for her to get the female lead role for her second drama, especially with such a strong line-up and so much money invested in it.

    Modern dramas were different from ancient day dramas. Based on the current market, sixty million in investment was already very shocking.

    Liang Biqin's recently released movie and drama had pretty good feedback. In fact, she was the female lead in both of them, plus she was already an A-lister. Besides, she had Su Yimo's strong support, so it was entirely logical for the directing team to decide on her.

    Ning Xi and Ling Zhizhi discussed this for quite a while before coming up with a conclusion. Since the contract had already been signed and it was already spilled milk, there was definitely no use crying over it.

    As they spoke, Ning Xi noticed something...

    Oh, no!!! She seemed to have forgotten something...

    She had forgotten the devil!!!

    "Ugh, I've got a stomach ache! Sis Zhizhi, let me run to the toilet for a bit! Wait for me for a while!" As Ning Xi ran towards the bathroom, she also picked up some junk food, a bottle of mineral water, and a book when Ling Zhizhi was not noticing.

    When she entered the bathroom, Ning Xi immediately pulled opened the shower curtain.

    Lu Tingxiao sat in the tub hugging his knees. When he saw her appear, he revealed a sad expression as if he was a king being imprisoned by an evil witch!!!

    Oh, dear!

    Ning Xi tossed all the food, water, and the book into the tub, then put a leg into the tub to move into the devil's embrace, looking to please him. "It's my fault! My fault! We'll finish talking really soon. You eat some things and read first. Just wait for me a while more, okay?"