Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 737

Chapter 737: Or Else...I Can Help You?

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Mmm...a devil that has been removed of its really passionate...

Ning Xi had already changed into soft and warm fuzzy pajamas. Lu Tingxiao's hand lightly slipped through her gown, feathering her slim waist and finding its way up to envelope that tender curve...

Because Lu Tingxiao palm was still cold from the chilly air outside, Ning Xi's body involuntarily shuddered. She was not sure whether it was the cold or the sudden stimulation that caused her to react that way.

"Cold?" Lu Tingxiao pulled his hand away immediately.

In her fuzzy pajamas with her hair lazily tumbling in all the right places, she exuded a sense of lazy domestication, making her look so soft, warm and sweet that made him lose control bit by bit...


Today was the fourth day of their relationship! They had survived more than half of what people called that "deadly one week".

Those few days, he did not know how he had returned home each time. He was floating in between extreme happiness and despair. He had thought of many ways before to make her stay every time. He could not even bear to have her leave him for even one second, yet he had still chosen to go with her flow.

As Ning Xi was snuggled in his embrace, she noticed that somewhere below his belly there was a stream of heat and she felt something hard. While her chest seemed to have the lingering imprints of the man's strength and his slightly rough hands, he could not help but blush.

It was just a kiss and there was already a reaction? In fact, this was not the first time...

Damn it, next time whoever said that Lu Tingxiao was not tempted by seduction would get slapped!

"Did today go smoothly?" Lu Tingxiao asked, some seductive hoarseness in his tone.

Ning Xi little face beamed as she nodded. "There were some slight bumps but we resolved them already."

She noticed that Lu Tingxiao was controlling his breath as he hugged her, clearly trying to suppress his emotions. Ning Xi looked up from his chest and blinked to look at him, before weakly saying, "Umm...the nurse already said that it's not good for your body to suppress it in...the nurse also said that you can resolve it without doing it...or else...I...can help you?"

The moment she said, the little beast that Lu Tingxiao had suppressed with all his might, instantly sprung up at Ning Xi's words.

Lu Tingxiao lay down and kissed the girl's forehead, his tone significantly calmer. "There's no need."

"Why not?" He was already so tense...

"Because I can't bear to." Can't bear to force her to do anything she did not want to do.

Ning Xi sighed lightly, "Alright...actually, I previously might have...been slightly defensive towards men...but...Big Boss..."

Just as the two were speaking, the doorbell suddenly rang.

Ning Xi looked outside through the peephole and instantly felt like a cat who had its tail stepped on, leaping. "My God! Sis Zhizhi! Why would she come over at this hour? Aaaaaah! What to do?! What to do?!"

The doorbell kept ringing as Ning Xi pushed Lu Tingxiao, trying to find a hiding place for him. She was super anxious. At last, she pushed him into the bathroom. However, she was still not assured and pulled the shower curtain for him to hide in the bathtub.

When she saw the devil's face darken due to having his long legs and arms cramped inside the bathtub, Ning Xi gave him a big kiss on the lips and caressed his handsome face. "Sorry, sorry! You have to be miserable for a while, I'll be done really soon!"