Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 736

Chapter 736: It's Not Suitable For Children

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Didn't Ning Xueluo say that she had not signed up at all because she didn't want to fight with her and had intentionally let her go ahead?

"Xueluo, registered? I thought you said you didn't..."

It never occurred to Ning Xueluo that her biggest worry would happen. She put on a miserable face as she pretended to say, "I'm curious too! I did tell Sis Chang that I didn't want to register, but maybe she had too many things on hand and missed out on my message!"

"Is that so...?" Li Yueling was slightly doubtful.

However, even if Ning Xueluo claimed so, it could not change the fact that she had indeed been eliminated in the first round. Initially, she had thought the charismatic Ning Xueluo would be her biggest competitor. Who'd have guessed that she had actually been eliminated in the first round?

Now, Noble's launch press conference had come to an end. The reporters surrounded Ning Xueluo in a flurry...

Because Ning Xueluo was the most famous name on the eliminated name list, all the reporters naturally targeted her.

"Oh, Xueluo, you participated in the Noble auditions too but you were eliminated and you even lost to your junior! How do you feel about this?"

"Xueluo, Noble's theme is elegance. Does this mean that Director Cook thinks you're not suitable for their brand's theme and thus, you do not have an elegant charisma?"


Ning Xueluo stared at Ning Xi who was being heaped with praises not too far away and stabbed her fingernails into her palm while pretending to maintain her composure and answered the reporters, "For the auditions this time, I had no intentions to join and I did not know about it either. It was probably my manager who had casually helped me register, so I'm not too sure what happened either...sorry!"

She was obviously trying to imply she had simply participated without any care or preparation at all. However, how many of them would believe her words was another story...

Liang Biqin was secretly relieved that Ning Xueluo had been swarmed by the reporters, distracting them away from her. She was afraid that she would be targeted, so she quickly ran off sneakily.

Li Yueling was such a burden!

It was a good thing that even Ning Xueluo had been eliminated too so that her being eliminated did not look too bad either...

On the other end of the room, Ning Xi left with Ling Zhizhi after passionately bidding Director Cook farewell.

In the car, Ning Xi happily hugged and kissed Ling Zhizhi's cheeks. "Sis Zhizhi, you're awesome! You actually prepared all of that beforehand!"

Ling Zhizhi smiled as she shrugged. "It was my backup plan. It's a good thing that you improvised well, so I could follow your reaction flow to do execute all that. If your reaction had been slightly off, we could have handled it badly!"

Ning Xi laughed. "We are the best partners!"

Ling Zhizhi chuckled too. "Rest well when you get home. You still have to prepare for your new show next!"

"Mmm, okay!"

When she got home, Ning Xi ate and cleaned herself up before lying down in bed comfortably. Just as she was engrossed in a book about film theories, there was a knock on her door.

Who could it be at this hour?

Ning Xi opened the door and saw Lu Tingxiao standing in front of her, wearing a black windbreaker and bringing in some cold air from the outside.

Ning Xi instantly hugged him, overjoyed, and said, "Big Boss, you're here!"

Then, she looked behind him before asking, "Eh? Where's Little Treasure?"

Lu Tingxiao replied matter-of-factly with a poker face, "I didn't bring him."


"It's not suitable for children," said Lu Tingxiao, before he hugged her by the waist and entered.

Bam! The door closed with Ning Xi's back against the door and the man holding the curve of the base of her skull, they started a round of intense kisses...