Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 733

Chapter 733: Definitely Something To Watch!

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Now, there was no room for further doubts. Noble's ambassador this time around was Ning Xi, there was no mistake about that.

"This is so unexpected! Who knew that the secret ambassador is actually the actress who played Meng Changge, Miss Ning! The competition was very tight this time around and I believe many excellent artistes participated in the audition. I wonder why Director Cook had chosen Ning Xi?"

"During the initial auditions, I saw that Meng Changge had the kind of elegance and pride that our brand needs!" Cook answered proudly.

"Ning Xi, could you tell us what you understand about fragrance?" the reporter turned to Ning Xi and asked.

"Fragrance is the most direct and most invasive scent on a person. A person's taste of their surroundings is enhanced through fragrance and it will not go unnoticed. For a woman, men might not remember what you might have worn today, they might even forget how you look! But they will definitely remember how you smelt. People's memories of scent stay in their minds for a while!" Ning Xi answered easily without having any stage fright or nervousness facing so many reporters and all the big shots of the industry in the same room.

The press conference continued without any hiccups. Everyone's eyes were on Ning Xi. No one noticed that through the door in the back, two people had arrived late.

Ning Xueluo looked slightly helplessly at Li Yueling, who had dragged her along to the event. Even though she had received the invitation, she naturally decided not to come to avoid feeling uncomfortable because she already knew that Ning Xi was the ambassador.

She thought that Li Yueling would definitely not attend the function too. Who'd have known that she not only wanted to come but had also dragged her along?

"Xueluo, believe me, just watch! There will be something to watch!" Li Yueling looked slyly at Ning Xi who was getting all the attention on stage.

That was hers...

All those gasps and amazed stares should have been all hers but it had been shamelessly snatched away by this woman!

Ning Xueluo looked at Li Yueling's determined gaze and felt unassured. However, since Li Yueling wanted to mess with Ning Xi herself, she just followed her to take a seat and prepared to watch whatever unfolded before her.

Hah! She did not even have to personally do anything to defeat Ning Xi.

At that moment, Liang Biqin, who was fuming, had noticed Liang Biqin's arrival. Her eyes twinkled and she quickly turned to her to say softly, "Li Yueling! You're here too!"

Li Yueling nodded slightly. She usually was not friendly towards Glory World's artiste, but she just let it be for reputation's sake. Besides, her attention had been drawn towards the stage at that moment and she did not have the mood to make small talk.

Yet, Liang Biqin could not help but ask, "Aren't you Noble's ambassador? How did it change to be Ning Xi?"

Li Yueling frowned. Her expression was dark as she replied vaguely, "At first, I thought I was the chosen one too, but...nevermind!"

When she heard this, Liang Biqin and the female artistes around them felt like something was odd.

Why did Li Yueling's words sound so weird? What did she mean when she said that she thought it was her too?

Liang Biqin suddenly got excited at the prospect of some internal strife.

The reporters were still going on with their question and answer session. Suddenly, a reporter asked harshly, "As everyone knows, the competition for Noble's ambassadorship was very tight this time around. Based on those few girls whom I know had participated, they are all the industry's finest and most elite female artistes, even including movie stars like Fang Xiaowen and top artistes like Meng Shiyi! Why did Director Cook choose a less-than-famous Ning Xi to be the ambassador based on one clip from 'The World'?"