Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 732

    Chapter 732: Amazing Everyone Present

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    Next, the camera focused in on the girl's face. Her hair fluttered lightly in the breeze, mimicking the airiness that came with the spraying of fragrance. The girl's smudged face gazed into the lens indifferently with a pair of clear eyes, exuding a sense of innocent elegance.

    Next, the scene took the crowd from the streets of Chang An into a very luxurious palace. There was a silhouette of a woman's back in this scene and she elegantly donned a gold silk dress with her hair combed into an exquisite bun. She took decorous footsteps and made her way one step at a time into the palace.

    At that moment, everyone finally understood the storyline. That beggar girl was actually a princess who had unexpectedly found herself among the common folks. Because the girl's clothes were tattered and her face dirty, the guards had not recognized her at first. At last, they noticed the girl's real identity when the elegance within her shone through despite her fallen appearance...

    Just as the crowd was gushing about the creativity of this advertisement, the screen cut into the next scene with part of the princess' face.

    Finally, the princess was about to be revealed and the crowd at the launch were excited in anticipation to find out who this enigmatic ambassador was.

    The glistening hairpin swayed between the slivers of her hair and in that moment when the princess slowly looked up from under her eyelashes, the red applique on her forehead with that graceful, beautiful face made everyone gasp in amazement...

    Because they had the previous beggar's appearance as comparison, this scene was even more shocking for everyone.

    The ultimate shock was when everyone recognized who the girl was!

    "Ning Xi! It's Ning Xi!"

    "'The World's' leading co-star, the actress who played Meng Changge, Ning Xi!"

    "Too...too beautiful! I remember when I watched the trailer of 'The World'. I was already so taken by her beauty!"


    While some were pleasantly surprised, others were dumbfounded. The moment Ning Xi's face clearly appeared, Su Yimo almost spilled her tea.

    It was actually Ning Xi! How could this be!? How could it be Ning Xi!?

    Liang Biqin stood up uncontrollably. She wanted to see clearly for herself as she mumbled in disbelief, "No way! How could it be Ning Xi?! Is there a mistake?"

    "Biqin, didn't you say it was Li Yueling?"

    "How could that woman Ning Xi qualify for an ambassadorship of this rank?!"


    Albeit appearing for only a short second at the end of the entire advertisement, Ning Xi left a strong impression on everyone. That was Ning Xi. They definitely did not wrongly recognize her!

    After a short silence, there was a thunderous applause from the crowd!

    "Spectacular! Too spectacular! It is Director Cook, after all! What an amazing idea!"

    "Even though there wasn't any dialogue in the entire clip, it conveyed a strong message to everyone. Elegance is a kind of aura that no street look can cover up! Even if the princess was fallen and became a beggar on the streets, she was still a princess! The elegance of her aura would not change despite her clothing and appearance!"

    "Too amazing!"

    "What's more marvelous is that the female protagonist only revealed her face for one second at the end, but the only thing that remained in my mind was the final second!"


    Everyone remained in amazement until only the perfume's latest crystal bottle design and brand logo were left on the screen.

    "Next, let us invite our newest ambassador, Ning Xi. Welcome, Miss Ning!"

    Introduced by the host so passionately, Ning Xi, who had been sitting quietly in a corner where no one noticed, stood up slowly.

    Director Cook was unusually enthusiastic and had walked down the stage personally, bowing like a gentleman to Ning Xi before offering his hand to help her on stage.