Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 723

Chapter 723: Arent You Overdoing It?

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Ning Xi could not bear seeing his mournful expression. "Sis Zhizhi, could you help him?"

Ling Zhizhi stayed quiet for a while and said, "Im sorry, Bro Ming, but the thing is, Im not sure where to find him either."

As she finished her sentence, Lei Ming passed out

Ning Xi and Ling Zhizhi stared in shock before they used all their strength to get Lei Ming propped up on the sofa.

"What now, Sis Zhizhi?" Ning Xi anxiously asked.

Struggle flashed in Ling Zhizhis eyes. In the end, she commanded, "You take care of Bro Ming and call the ambulance. Ill look for Jiang Muye."

"Okay!" Ning Xi nodded.

After Ling Zhizhi left, Ning Xi was about to call the ambulance, but Lei Ming suddenly sat up on the sofa.

Ning Xi was terrified. "What?! Whats happening? Bro mean you didnt actually pass out?"

Lei Ming looked at the entrance and nodded after he confirmed Ling Zhizhi had left. "Mmhmm, I was acting. If not, Zhizhi would never help me!"

Ning Xi was speechless. "Arent you overdoing it?"

Lei Ming looked guiltily at her. "I didnt want to do this as well but that brat forced me to! I'm not sure what happened to him recently. Hes been in a bad mood constantly, he chased away three assistants in a day, hes driving me crazy!"

As Lei Ming spoke, he looked at Ning Xi, suspecting that the mood swings might be related to Ning Xi, but Jiang Muye was not telling him anything

Ning Xi did not notice Lei Mings suspicions. "Terrible! I suddenly realized that Im so much better in comparison to Jiang Muye!"

Half an hour later, in a ruins somewhere in the outskirts.

Ling Zhizhi teetered in her high heels through some rubbish dumps. To her utmost frustration, one of her heels broke. In addition to her sprained ankle after getting pushed by the security guard the day before, her foot was getting worse. Finally, she stopped in front of an abandoned bus

She knocked on the door while panting, but it was silent. There was no reply. She pushed the door lightly and it creaked open. The seats in the bus had been removed. It had been modified into a house with pure white rugs made of sheep wool spread on the floor.

Ling Zhizhi took off her shoes and stepped onto the soft mat. She then pushed another door in the area open

As expected, Jiang Muye was lying on the bed, hugging a large, fluffy, white pillow in his sleep. A few empty bottles of beer were littered all over the floor.

Sunlight streamed through a window above the bed, shining on the mans blonde hair and making him sparkle angelically.

She remembered when Jiang Muye was adding the window, he had said that he would be able to see the stars when he lay down on the bed at night.

Jiang Muye was a wild child at the time, preferring not to stay home. He had insisted on modifying an abandoned bus here into a house and he would just go there at random times to think about life

"Jiang Muye...Jiang Muye" Ling Zhizhi called his name a few times, but he was sound asleep and gave no reaction.

Ling Zhizhi went closer to Jiang Muyes ears and whispered his name sharply.

Jiang Muye woke up with a startle. "What?! Who said that Shen Xiaobai is more handsome than me?! Are you blind?!"