Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 72

Chapter 72: Completely Suppressed By Me

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Ning Xi was the first to come out after getting her makeup done.

She was neatly dressed as a young swordsman in red and white, with a high, handsome ponytail and thick, black eyebrows. She showed a domineering, heroic spirit, and was exactly what 16-year-old Meng Changge was supposed to be.

Even those who had always been against Ning Xi had to admit that her image was flawless.

Guo Qisheng had been worried that Ning Xi, who was too beautiful an actress, would only be able to perform one particular type of role. Who knew she could be so flexible? Satisfied, he gave her a few words of praise, but advised her a little worriedly, "Ning Xi, later you have to let yourself go a little. Don't think about your appearance at all, do you understand? In this scene, the more of a ruffian you are, the better!"

"Dont worry, director, I'm sure she can definitely do it!" At that moment, Jiang Muye also came out from the dressing room in his costume.

The moment he lifted the curtain aside, there were audible gasps around the set; even Ning Xi raised her eyebrows in surprise.

After makeup, Jiang Muyes whole temperament had changed. He was in a long, blue robe with a bamboo print. His complexion was clear as jade and his features gentle and kind. It was as if he had emerged from an ancient painting.

Pleased, Jiang Muye glanced at a stupefied Ning Xi, and whispered: "How is it? Isnt this brother handsome enough to split the heavens?"

It was a pity it was ruined when he opened his mouth

Ning Xi maintained a modest expression, as if she was discussing the plot with Jiang Muye, and spit out three words: "Very weak bottom 1 ."


"Me what? Im sorry to tell you that in this movie, you will be completely. Suppressed. By. Me!"

"Really? Then how come I seem to remember a scene where I go on a counterattack?Furthermore its a bed scene. Tsk tsk"

Not far away, Jia Qingqing looked at the two people bending their heads together and whispering to each other from time to time, and was so envious that she was quickly losing all rationality.

As soon as he had arrived, Jiang Muye had focused all his attention on Ning Xi, and hadnt looked her way even once; she had had no opportunity to even greet him.

Beside her, Ning Xueluo was "comforting" her in a soft voice. "Qingqing, don't be angry anymore, things are already like this. After all, luck is also a part of ones strength in the entertainment industry. Ning Xi is indeed lucky to be able to act with Jiang Muye. Im guessing that after shooting this movie, she will enter the ranks of second-tier actors at least, maybe even the first tier is possible."

"Tch, first tier? Stealing what is mine, do you think I will just let her be?" Jia Qingqing's fair face became extremely twisted at that moment.

"Qingqing, don't be too impulsive, the company is prepared to spend a lot of effort on nurturing Ning Xi. If you quarrel with her, Im afraid"

"So what if I quarrel with her? Why should I be afraid of a vixen who only knows how to seduce men?"

Hearing that the company was prepared to nurture Ning Xi, Jia Qingqing became even more enraged. After all, the type of roles she and Ning Xi played were similar. If the company supported Ning Xi, that would mean taking a lot of her resources away.

Looking at Jia Qingqing who was already fully provoked, Ning Xueluo secretly smiled.

Using Jia Qingqing as a knife, she didnt need to lift a finger at all, but just sit back and let them fight it out themselves.

However, recently Ning Xi seemed a bit too lucky, she had to be wary of her

"Wheres Little Cui? Is the prop ready?" Guo Qisheng shouted.

"Here, here. Director, is this ok?" The props manager brought over a length of hemp rope.

"Thats fine!" Guo Qisheng nodded, and then beckoned to Jiang Muye. "Muye, Ill have to inconvenience you for a while!"

"No problem, this is necessary for filming!" Jiang Muye seemed very dedicated as he laid down on a large, carved bed and allowed the props manager to tie his hands and feet up.

That's right, like the director said, this scene was very intense

Meng Changge confessed her affection for Sun Huanqing, but was rejected, so she kidnapped him and brought him home

  1. Bottom is a term for the man who takes the bottom position in a homosexual relationship.