Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 713

Chapter 713: Find A Master For Little Treasure

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As they were on their way back, Ning Xi was troubled by the large bear prize.

"Ugh...did the teachers think about how the winner would bring this back when they decided to use this as the prize?"

With such a large size, it was impossible to fit in the car. Not even the car boot could accommodate it

Lu Tingxiao had an idea. "Lets tie it on the top of the car."

The three of them sat in the car and were on their way back with a large bear tied on top of the car

In the car.

"Dont be so reckless anymore,. You should let a man handle these situations, alright?" Lu Tingxiao nagged.

He was afraid that she might repeat her actions, but he did not want to be too harsh on her. He felt like this was even harder than educating his own son.

"I know that youll be able to solve it. Its just that Im worried that Little Treasure will be bullied in school! You may be able to settle it this time, but not every single time, so what I did earlier was to give everyone a warning! Also, I helped everyone remove a threat! I killed two birds with one stone!" Ning Xi announced, full of herself.

Lu Tingxiao looked at her through the rear view mirror. "You sure youre not just itching to fight?"

"Hows that possible?!" Ning Xi shook her head, looking a little guilty

Recently, she was really bored as she could not go anywhere due to her injured leg. When such a good opportunity arose, she could not let it get away!

Looking at how Little Treasure was worried about the bear by continously peeking outside, Ning Xi laughed. "Don't worry, we tied it tightly, so it wont fall off!"

Little Treasure did not want to take his outfit off yet and neither did Ning Xi and Lu Tingxiao. They wanted to let him be happy, at least for a little while more.

Ning Xi almost chuckled to see Lu Tingxiao drive in a wolf suit.

"Right, Lu Tingxiao, do you want Little Treasure to learn some self-defence skills? No matter how much we want to protect him, we cant always be by his side!" Ning Xi told Lu Tingxiao about what she thought.

Lu Tingxiao had actually thought about it a long time ago, but nothing happened since Little Treasure was not cooperating at all.

"Are you teaching?"

Ning Xi shook her head quickly. "Of course not! At most, I can only teach him some healthy exercises. Wed need an actual professional if Little Treasure wants to learn! But...I cant think of anyone!"

Lu Tingxiao thought about it and gave her a name. "Tang Lang."

Ning Xi was surprised to hear this name again. "Tang...Tang Lang?"

Too many things had happened lately and she almost forgot an important question to ask: how did Second Senior Brother end up working for Lu Tingxiao?

Since Tang Lang was working for him already, did Lu Tingxiao already know all about her?

"Mmm." Lu Tingxiao nodded.

"Is he still working for you? Ive been longing to did you convince him to work for you? Thats amazing"

Recalling what had happened, she was still surprised as she did not expect she would reunite with Second Senior Brother under such circumstances.

"You can ask him when you see him. Hes currently working under the Lu Corporation."

Ning Xi was shocked. "What? Hes in Lu Corporation? Then...what is he working as?"

"Cheng Feng arranged it for him. He should be in the security department."

"Its hard to imagine" That wild Second Senior Brother would work as a security guard