Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 712

    Chapter 712: Is This How You Make Your Husband Obedient?

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    Ning Xi returned to Little Treasure and told him to open his eyes.

    It was true that her skills were not as good as they were before, to the point that she could not even defend herself against Third Senior Sisters attacks, but it was still easy enough for her to handle someone without any real martial arts skills.

    She saw through his sloppy footwork and knew that his muscles were just for aesthetic purposes. From her knowledge, she also could guess that they were formed in a short period of time with the assistance of steroids.

    But the teachers and parents did not know all of these, so they were all shocked.

    "Ahh...Little Red Riding Hood is so cool!"

    "The Little Red Riding Hood defeated the bald man!"

    Everyone closed their open jaws as they heard the children cheering.

    "Oh...oh my God! Shes so powerful! Just one kick from her made him fly away!"

    "Didnt you hear that she has trained since her childhood? Of course, shed be stronger than him!"

    "I thought she was just kidding! Who knew shed be this good?!"

    "I was wondering how strong this mister could be, but he turned out to be just a show. One kick from a woman and down he went!"

    "Hahaha...youre right! That was so pleasing to watch! I bet hell be embarrassed to show up at the school again!"

    "Dear! Dear, are you alright?! You damned woman, you dared to beat my hubby up!" Sun Zhuangzhuang's mother started to make a fuss.

    "Oh, Im just a weak little girl. How much strength could I have? We were just fooling around. Do you need to be this worked up?" Ning Xi acted innocent and purposely imitated her victimized tone.

    "You...dont you dare go away! Im calling the police! Im suing you for battery!"

    "Oh, what are you going to tell the police? That a little girl defeated your buff hubby with a kick? Do you think theyd believe you, or me?"


    Looking at the pitiful state the man was in right now, the teachers were hiding their grins, but the parents totally lost any sense of coolness and they all gathered around Ning Xi to ask her all sorts of questions.

    "Madam Lu, youre really powerful! How did you become this good? Did you learn from the Shaolin temple?"

    "Youre really great! That was so satisfying! He totally deserved it!"

    "Thats right! But we were all shocked just now and we were so worried for you!"

    "Wow, youre good! Is this how you make your husband obedient?"

    Ning Xi felt proud listening to all the praises being spouted out. She felt like she was some heroine who saved the people from evil forces.

    She did say earlier that she would beat the crap out of him!

    While she was enjoying her smug moment,, she felt icicles piercing her from her back

    She looked back at the entrance to see Lu Tingxiaos face as dark as the bottom of a burnt pot.

    That expression! She was doomed! He had definitely seen everything!

    Quickly, Ning Xi gathered her skirts and went up to Lu Tingxiao. "Dear, youre finally here, Im really scared...he was bullying me"

    Everyone was speechless to see her actions. Where had their heroine gone to ?

    Lu Tingxiao looked at the girl and narrowed his eyes. "You"

    "Its my fault! But I really did listen to you and I waited. I tried to hold back but he was asking for trouble, you can ask Little Treasure"

    Where did the obedient husband go? It seemed like the roles had been reversed

    Little Treasure nodded in agreement to become his mothers witness.

    Lu Tingxiao stared at his son. He had promised to look after his mother, but now he was totally on her side. Lu Tingxiao realized he could not rely on his son anymore