Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 71

Chapter 71: A Bully Stealing Away A Pure Flower

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"Dont worry, dont worry. Let me see what scene would be a good one!" Guo Qisheng paged excitedly through the script.

Ning Xi thought frantically: Director, director, choose Scene 46! If you let me play this scene now, I guarantee Ill play it especially well!

It was the scene where Sun Huanqing was seduced by a girl whom he had rescued in the barracks. Hot-tempered Meng Changge misunderstood and thought he had cheated on her, so gave him a good beating

It was as if Jiang Muye had read her mind, and he bent slightly to whisper in her ear: "Dearest, are you very eager to play the scene where you beat me up?"

Ning Xi abruptly moved away as if she had been electrocuted. "Asshole, stay away from me!"

Because of this guy, the hatred directed at her was now so solid that nothing could remove it.

She could already imagine the storm that Jia Qingqing and Ning Xueluo, but especially Jia Qingqing, would unleash on her next.

Her days were already hard enough, this was just making it worse.

Ning Xi was doomed to be disappointed; there was no way the director would arrange for the scene where she beat Jiang Muye up for his first day on set. After thinking for a while, the director said, "Then, lets do Scene 37!"

Ning Xi already knew the script by heart. She only needed to think a little to remember what Scene 37 was about, and her face immediately turned black.

Even though it wasnt a bed scene, nor a kissing scene, it still wasnt any better.

This was the scene where Meng Changge teased Sun Huanqing

The director called the two persons over and began to tell them about the scene.

"The Meng family served as generals for generations, and accumulated much illustrious military success. But their increasing merits caused the emperor to fear them, putting the generals family in danger. The current emperor is mediocre and muddle-headed, and prone to believing slander, which resulted in the death of Meng Changge's father in battle. Luckily, Meng Changges elder brother, Meng Changfeng, was able to take up the responsibility and take her father's position, allowing little Changge to still lead a carefree life. She who plays with chicks and dogs is a little devil in Changan City"

When the director talked about the little devil, Jiang Muye smiled, glanced at Ning Xi, and mouthed: Very like you.

Ning Xi ignored him and continued to listen seriously to the director.

"The little devil, dressed as a man all day, did not seem like a girl at all until she saw Sun Huanqing on the street when she was 16 years old. She fell in love at first sight, and from then on, began to pester him every day"

Jiang Muye raised his hand and said, "Director, isn't this the female version of a bully stealing away a pure flower?"

Ning Xi: "" You are the real bully!

Guo Qisheng coughed lightly and said in praise, "Muye, you understand very well, it's pretty much that meaning. So the key point I want to emphasize is that the characters which youre used to playing are stronger and more active, but this time it's completely the opposite, so you must take note of the change"

Hearing this, Ning Xi also got a bit worried. The characters this guy had played before were all overbearing CEOs, overbearing school seniors, or overbearing lords; could he play Sun Huanqing, who was a bookish and weak doctor?

Jiang Muye looked serious as he nodded his head to show that he understood. "I understand, director, Im the weak one who is being forced!"

Guo Qisheng looked at them anxiously. In fact, compared with Jiang Muye, he was more worried about Ning Xi he was worried that she was too feminine to play Meng Changge, who was astreet bully and a rascal.

"I chose this scene because it will bring out the feelings between the two of you the most. Most of the time in the scene, one of you plays a cynic, and the other is gentle and patient. If you can act this scene out well, there wont be any large problems with the rest of your scenes. Alright, Ill stop here, lets see it in practice. Both of you, go get your makeup done and change into your costumes!"