Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 709

Chapter 709: Little Treasure, Take Good Care of Mother!

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When they had received their prize, the teacher smiled and said, "Okay, our parent-child activity today has come to an end. All the other children can also redeem their little prizes from me!"

The children cheered and walked over to get their present one by one...

Because he had parked further away and it was cold outside, Lu Tingxiao let Ning Xi and Little Treasure wait in the activity hall while he went to drive the car over.

"I'll be back very soon. Be good, don't run around." Without a doubt, Lu Tingxiao was not saying this to Little Treasure, but to Ning Xi.

Ning Xi pouted as if she was being treated like a child. "I know, it's only a few minutes. I won't fly to the sky."

Lu Tingxiao was speechless. Not only was there a possibility of that happening. In fact, it was very huge.

"Little Treasure, take good care of your mother."

Little Treasure nodded seriously, indicating that he would.

Ning Xi looked at the father and son, tongue-tied.

Lu Tingxiao reminded her to behave again several times before leaving.

Ning Xi picked up the big bear and found a chair to sit down with Little Treasure, obediently waiting for Lu Tingxiao.

"Little Treasure, are you happy today?"

Little Treasure's eyes shone as he nodded. Happy! Today is the happiest day of my life! Aunty Xiao Xi is already half his mother, and they even won a super big bear.

The little guy did not care much about the countless toys at home, but now he hurled out his little hand to pat the gigantic furry bear all around, endlessly showering it with his love.

Ning Xi took the opportunity to dish out some motherly advice. "Baby, did you know? The best things come from your own hard work!"


While the mother and son spoke, the initially cheerful activity hall suddenly rang with a piercing cry.

"I don't want this! I want the bear, I want the bear, I want the bear!!!!"

They saw that that little bear child, Sun Zhuangzhuang, had started to throw a tantrum again. He threw the present given by the teacher and cried while looking and pointing at Ning Xi's big bear. It did not matter how much the people around coaxed him.

Not too far away, Ning Xi was speechless by this scene. Why did he want the bear? He was already a bear himself...

Even though she was not happy with the child, she did not want to ruin the good mood today. Plus, she had promised Lu Tingxiao not to do anything unruly, so she continued to talk to Little Treasure and ignored what was happening.

In the end, she had not looked for trouble, but that child's mother approached her herself.

That woman walked to the front of Little Treasure and said, "Um, whoever's child this is, can we do an exchange? Give this bear to my son!"

Ning Xi was so angry she almost laughed out loud. "Why would I?"

Theirs was a first-grade prize!

"Can't you see that my son's already crying so hard?" the woman said with a matter-of-fact tone.

"What does your son crying have to do with us?"

"Why are you so rude? My son's already crying so hard, don't you have any sympathy at all?" the woman yelled.

"Sympathy? This little punk wanted to lock my son in the class earlier! You want me to pity him?" Because Little Treasure was beside her, Ning Xi suppressed her anger and touched his head to console him.

"The children are just messing around. You're an adult. Do you have to be so calculative with children when it comes to such petty things?"

Ning Xi scoffed, "Are you also going to use the excuse that 'the children are messing around' when he kills people one day?"

While Ning Xi was distracted by speaking with the woman, her child suddenly shoved her with his head. There was a line of bookshelves behind Ning Xi and she bumped into them, causing them to fall like dominoes...