Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 700

    Chapter 700: Causing Bankruptcy Without A Word

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    Hu Hongda looked at the calm man with an aghast expression as the room turned cold with a looming sense of peril.

    It was...Lu Tingxiao

    Damn it! This man!

    It was rumored that his wealth and connection was enormous and powerful, but Hu Hongda did not expect him to be able to put a companys fate hanging so precariously in a few minutes

    Ning Xi was a little surprised when she heard Hu Hongdas conversation on the phone as well. When had Lu Tingxiao taken action? Even if he started taking action last night when he knew about this scandal, whatever he did was incredibly fast!

    He was making Hu Hongda go bankrupt without even saying a word

    The devil had given her a valuable lesson in life. Now, she knew what real bullying with power was like!

    Hu Hongda was listening to his vice presidents report over the phone, his jaw hanging slack. Not only were the shares dropping, most clients had retracted their orders as well. In just one night, his company was on the verge of crumbling and he would only be left on the path to bankruptcy if nothing was done!

    He might still be able to struggle against a regular joe, but he could not do anything against the real powerful stakeholders.

    Hu Hongda did not have time to think anymore. Each second that passed was a big loss for his company.

    "I...I get it! Ill follow what Miss Ning says! CEO Lu, please dont do this anymore!"

    Hu Hongdas arrogance dissolved into thin air as he quickly posted on Weibo: [My real mistress is @Fang Ya and not @Ning Xi! I was trying to protect my mistress and framed Ning Xi. I hereby apologize to Ms. Ning and her manager, Ling Zhizhi!]

    " this okay?" Hu Hongda asked Ning Xi feebly.

    Ning Xi felt that it was sufficient. She would ask Sis Zhizhi to release the evidence of his cheating with Fang Ya, then the case would be clarified thoroughly.

    As she was about to nod, Lu Tingxiao suddenly spoke up gruffly, "Organize a press conference and clarify the entire matter in public."

    How ruthless! He probably felt that just posting on Weibo was too easy a task, so he wanted him to be embarrassed in public

    She realized that Lu Tingxiao was being careful as well. A simple Weibo post might not be enough for people to believe him. Having the reporters to ask Hu Hongda in person would be more convincing.

    "No problem, no problem! Ill do it the moment I get back!" Hu Hongda dared not complain anymore, only following whatever Lu Tingxiao said.

    He cursed Fang Ya countless times inside his heart. That idiot woman! She made him frame Lu Tingxiaos woman and in doing so, she was trying to kill him! Almost everything was ruined!

    Ming Fangfang looked at them cluelessly. "Fang Ya?"

    She remembered Fang Ya imperceptibly as a poorly performing actress with average looks

    She had lost to someone like her? And her husband had hidden Fang Ya from her the whole time and lied to her?

    Hu Hongda realized something worse was coming for him. As his company was in ruins now, if Ming Fangfang filed a divorce with him