Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 697

    Chapter 697: I'm Not Interested In Your Husband!

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    While the two spoke, the door behind them was suddenly flung open.

    "Hu Hongda, you liar! You cowardly bastard! How dare you meet up with this vixen behind my back?!" A woman rushed in hysterically.

    Ning Xi thought that Lu Tingxiao had arrived, but it was Ming Fangfang instead...

    Hu Hongda instantly panicked at the sight of Ming Fangfang. "W-wife...why are you here?"

    Ming Fangfang flew into a rage. "Someone sent me a message to tell me that you were meeting up with this witch! I didn't believe at first! Who knew...good on you! You just promised me and now you are meeting her again!"

    "What? Someone sent you a message?" Hu Hongda's expression darkened.

    Only one person knew about his meet up with Ning Xi, so the only person who could have sent Ming Fangfang the message was...Fang Ya!

    That damn witch! She had said that she would not ruin his family and that she did not want anything. In the end, she played this little trick behind his back!

    Women are so troublesome!

    Hu Hongda looked angry but he could only suppress his feelings and coax, "My wife, this time I'm really wrong. You're so good to me. Why would I mess around with such a woman again? This time, she clung onto me shamelessly and said that if I don't come looking for her, she would look for you instead. How could I let her go harass you?! That was how I was forced to come over! That message must have been sent by this woman. Her aim is to pull us apart. My wife, please don't fall into her trap."

    Opposite him, Ning Xi held onto her teacup and was utterly confused as her mouth twitched.

    What was that saying again? One would much rather believe that there were ghosts in this world than believe men and their mouths...

    She had finally seen it for herself today.

    Hu Hongda was capable of lying without even blinking. Yet, people still believed him.

    When Ming Fangfang heard Hu Hongda's explanation, her expression softened significantly. She instantly redirected her anger towards Ning Xi instead. "Witch! First, you instructed your manager to get involved. Now, you actually dare to mess with me yourself! Are you shameless? Why are you still clinging onto Hongda till now?! Is it very thrilling to steal someone else's husband?"

    Ning Xi put her teacup down lightly and looked up to say slowly, "Excuse me, I'm really not interested in your man right here."

    Ming Fangfang's expression immediately changed and even Hu Hongda did not look too happy.

    Ming Fangfang laughed coldly on the spot. "Ha, what a joke! Such words! Aren't you interested in my husband? Then, who else do you want to hook up with?"

    Just as she said that, the door opened once again and someone walked in.

    It was a man clad in a gunmetal grey tuxedo with a jet black coat on him. It seemed like it was snowing outside. The man's hair and shoulder had snowflakes on them. His poker face seemed to be even icier than the snowflakes, making one shudder involuntarily.

    When he saw who it was, Hu Hongda almost choked on his saliva. "CEO...Lu?!"

    Hu Hongda thought he had seen a hallucination. The person who just came in was unexpectedly the Lu Group's Lu Tingxiao who he had been wanting to meet for months unfruitfully... could this be?!

    As unbelievable as it was, he would never recognize Lu Tingxiao's face wrongly.

    Even Ming Fangfang was stunned. During her one year tenure with Glory World Entertainment, she had quite a crush on this legendary man. She had seen him at the ribbon-cutting ceremony at Glory World once. Little did she expect that many years later she would see the man in the flesh, and at such a close distance...