Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 696

    Chapter 696: Are You Making Me Your Mistress?

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    Someone entered a few minutes after Cheng Feng left.

    Hu Hongda arrived first.

    Ning Xi wore a rose pink turtleneck sweater which matched her fair skin well. Her tiny face looked gorgeous today and she was tasting the hot tea with two hands wrapped around the cup.

    Hu Hongda was mesmerized by the woman opposite him.

    He has seen her picture before, which he thought was usually edited and untrustworthy, but he did not expect that this woman would be even more beautiful in the flesh. She was even more beautiful than his wife in her younger days.

    Strictly speaking, they were beautiful in their own ways. Ming Fangfang had the outlook of a gentle, gorgeous beauty while Ning Xi was pretty with a kick of wildness like a thorny rose. He felt aroused and his desire to dominate as a man heightened.

    "Sorry to make you wait, Miss Ning." Hu Hongda acted like a gentleman, bowing slightly.

    Ning Xis eyes blinked when she saw the pasty hair wax on Hu Hongdas hair. "I have just only arrived, please sit, CEO Hu."

    Hu Hongda sat opposite of Ning Xi, not even trying to hide the fact that he was staring at her body lasciviously. "Anything I can help you with, Miss Ning?"

    Ning Xi rubbed the teacup in her hands with her index finger. "CEO should know what I want, don't you? Your Weibo posts really put me on the spot; everyone is chasing after me now and I dont even dare to step out of my house"

    "Oh, really?" Hu Hongda looked at Ning Xi as his prey.

    "Ill be straightforward with you. What do you want in exchange for clarifying the truth?"

    Hu Hongda thought that Ning Xi was just playing hard to get, so he went along with her. "Miss Ning, why would I need to clarify?"

    Ning Xi raised her eyebrows. "What do you mean?"

    Hu Hongda reached out his hands for hers and told her openly, "Why don't you just be with me from now on? You would never need to worry about money anymore. Isnt it better than putting in so much effort in acting?"

    Ning Xi backed away and avoided his hand, "CEO Hu, are you trying to make me your mistress?"

    Hu Hongda sat up straight with his tummy bulging as he spoke in a generous tone, "Miss Ning, you can name me a price."

    Ning Xi held her chin, pretending to consider his offer. "CEO Hu, arent you afraid that I might record this?"

    Hu Hongda acted as if he saw through everything already. He laughed at her. "Little girl, are you playing tricks on me? Do you know why your manager suddenly gave up helping you? Do you want to try? I know that youre a smart person, and you wont act foolishly like your manager."

    After seeing Ning Xi for himself, Hu Hongda decided that this woman would be his even if she declined.

    "CEO Hu, are you trying to coerce me?"

    This Hu Hongda was a jerk

    He laughed openly. "Yes, I am. What can you do about it? Im capable of it!"

    Ning Xi raised her eyebrows and looked at the time on her phone silently.

    Hu Hongda tried to comfort her after his harsh words, "Little girl, whats wrong with being with me? Arent the girls in your industry all trying to find someone rich in the end? How many men in Imperial are richer than I am?"