Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 692

    Chapter 692: A Five-Year-Old Daughter!

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    When she heard Fang Ya's words, Ning Xueluo intentionally looked worried and sighed dramatically. "Obviously, I hope you'll be alright too, but..."

    Fang Ya did not understand. "Xueluo, why are you sighing? Isn't everything going smoothly now?"

    Ning Xueluo paused before she reminded her friend, "Xiao Ya, I'm afraid you won't be able to relax completely. After all, Ling Zhizhi is not easy to go up against. She is definitely thinking about how to get Ning Xi out of this situation now..."

    "What about it? As long as Hongda doesn't reveal anything!"

    "But what if she found out you..."

    Fang Ya was stunned by this possibility. She was so frightened that she almost choked on her steak. "It shouldn't be that easy to investigate, should it?"

    Ning Xueluo shook her head. "Ling Zhizhi has been in this circle for quite a number of years after all, and poking her nose in such things is her forte, so...I daren't guarantee anything!"

    Fang Ya immediately panicked. "Then...then, what do we do? Xueluo, help me think of something!"

    "Well..." Ning Xueluo pretended to look troubled.

    Fang Ya was even more anxious now. "Xueluo, please! You must help me! There are now two lives here! After the baby is born, it will want to call you 'godmother'! Quick, save us both!"

    Ning Xueluo seemed to soften, then she said helplessly, "Even if Ling Zhizhi is good, she's just a small manager. No matter what she might have investigated up till now, you had better quickly call CEO Hu and warn him about Ling Zhizhi! As for what warning would work best to threaten her to stop, CEO Hu should be better at that, so let him settle it!"

    "Xueluo, thank goodness for your brains! If I didn't have you, I really wouldn't know what to do! I'll call him right now!" Fang Ya pulled out her phone gratefully as she called Hu Hongda.

    Ning Xueluo sipped her coffee and smiled sinisterly.

    At Glory World Entertainment.

    Ling Zhizhi wrote a press statement at her top speed, then double checked it before preparing to release it.

    Yet, just as her finger was about to press the "send" button, her phone suddenly rang.

    She looked over and unexpectedly saw that it was Hu Hongda.

    She hesitated but still answered, "Hello, CEO Hu."

    Before this, it had been so hard to call him. Who'd have known that he would make the initiative now?

    I wonder...what it was?

    Ling Zhizhi had a bad feeling.

    Indeed, Hu Hongda's tone from the other end of the phone was unfriendly. "Miss Ling, you already found out, didn't you?"

    Was he...trying to test her?

    Ling Zhizhi was on high alert. "I wonder what you might be referring to."

    Hu Hongda laughed coldly. "Ling Zhizhi, I don't care if you investigated something you shouldn't have, but I'll warn you, you'd better stop caring about it. The most you would have to do is manage another artiste. That won't be much of a loss to you, so why must you make things hard for yourself?"

    "CEO Hu, are you threatening me?"

    "Haha, as long as you understand. Ling Zhizhi, don't try to outsmart me. You can investigate but so can I. And guess what I found out?" Hu Hongda intentionally paused before he continued,

    "I thought you had higher morales, Miss Ling, but who'd have guessed that your private life is a mess? You tell the world you're single, actually have a five-year-old daughter! That little brat, she really does look tasty. I wonder whose bastard it is?"