Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 685

    Chapter 685: Lu Tingxiao, Come Up!

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    "What the hell?! How did I get attacked without even doing anything?! Why did this dude suddenly come up with such a Weibo status? This is clearly a setup to ruin me!" Ning Xi was very irritated by the unfolding of everything.

    "I am already trying my best to contact Hu Hongda's end, hoping that he can come out to clarify. However, it's already too late and he must have already gone to bed, so we temporarily can't contact him. If it's just a misunderstanding, he just has to clear the air, but the way I see it, this has been too coincidental. Previously, you were rumored to be involved in some scandal with him, and now he has posted such a misleading status. I'm just afraid..." Ling Zhizhi trailed off in thought.

    "Is someone intentionally messing with me?" Ning Xi frowned. "That's not right either...Hu Hongda is a big CEO. Who would have the capability to control him and intentionally slander me? In fact, he has even caused so much trouble for himself and all for a small celebrity like me? Isn't this crazy?!"

    Ling Zhizhi then replied, "That is why I still think the possibility of it being a misunderstanding is more likely. I'll personally visit Hongda's company first thing tomorrow morning. Hopefully, nothing else will change before then."

    Ning Xi nodded. "We can only wait till tomorrow then."

    "You don't move about for now. If you go out now, the fans will only be more agitated and no one will listen to your explanation. Only Hu Hongda can explain this."

    "Okay, I understand."

    After she hung up, Ning Xi obviously could not fall asleep. She continued to look at the discussion on the Internet.

    [I strongly urge to block corrupted artistes. Delete all of Ning Xi's scenes! Or else, we are determined to boycott "The World".]

    [I agree! The price she paid for her mistake earlier this year was too low. The fact that she can continue to live freely after hurting other people is just too disgusting!]

    [My Goddess Fang's charisma can fling Ning Xi ten streets away! Is Hu Hongda blind?]

    [Kill the entire witch's family! Stay away from our Muye!]


    Ning Xi rested her chin in her hands and sighed.

    This year's fans were too easily influenced because no one knew who was behind the computer screens, so they didn't have to be held accountable for anything they saw. More and more keyboard warriors started to say irresponsible things without caring about the truth...

    It was already one o'clock in the morning. Ning Xi remained on the website, just in case there were any changes.

    Just as she was about to make herself some coffee to stay awake, her phone suddenly rang with a new message.

    [Lu Cabbage: Not asleep yet?]

    Ning Xi wanted to reply when she suddenly noticed something...

    She quickly walked to the window and looked out. She could already walk slowly although she just had to be more careful.

    Indeed, there was a familiar car parked below. Beside the car window was the faint light of a lit cigarette.

    [Sweet Xiao Xi: You're outside my apartment?]

    Ning Xi texted as she waved with her lit up phone.

    Very soon, Ning Xi saw the car door open and someone alighted. Under the dim lights, a lean shadow was looking up.

    Even though she could not see his face clearly, she could still feel hiso familiar eyes watching her.

    Ning Xi heart skipped a beat and she immediately made a call. "Hello..."


    "Why are you...why are you outside my apartment?" Ning Xi asked.

    "I don't know." From the other end of the phone, she could hear the man's voice, which echoed with loneliness, against the night breeze.

    Don't know? What kind of answer was that?

    However, Ning Xi's heart instantly melted. "If I didn't notice your car, you weren't prepared to stay there for the entire night, were you?"


    "Lu Tingxiao, come up," said Ning Xi.

    Lu Tingxiao paused, then said, "Maybe not."

    "Come up!"