Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 683

Chapter 683: The Man Behind Ning Xi

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"Thats great," Ling Zhizhi sighed, then spoke in a worried tone, "But Ning Xi, I have to remind you again. While Ill not interfere with your private life too much, you have to be mindful of what you can and cannot do!"

When she was handling Leng Manyun, she did not have to worry much about her private life. However, as she was working with Ning Xi now, she tried her best to protect Ning Xi from the public. Ning Xis pretty face was her strongest weapon, but it was also her dangerous weakness. In this industry, it was too easy to be linked in a sexual scandal.

For a female celebrity, these scandals might end their career if not handled properly.

Ning Xi felt guilty at Ling Zhizhis words, she quickly replied, "I understand Sis Zhizhi!"

After the call ended, she frowned as she let out a sigh of relief, Hu Hongda...who was that?

She searched some keywords and some tabloid news popped up.

[Beautiful Co-Star Of "The World" Rumored To Be Mistress, Intimate Relationship With Real Estate Tycoon Hu Hongda]

[Reveal Of The Man Behind Ning Xi!!!]

[Co-Star Of "The World" Insider News: She Was Supported By A Rich Man!]

Not many of these posts remained, probably as a result of the efforts of the PR department.

Ning Xi touched her chin as she was reading the posts. She felt that something was not right. Although such news always popped up in the industry, no one would believe it without any solid proof.

Suddenly, something caught her attention. If someone wanted to frame her, they could have linked her to anyone, but why Hu Hongda specifically?

At the same time, at Starlight Entertainment, in Chang Lis office.

"Ning Xi has already been getting all the attention before the movie even aired. The attacks from the controlled fans last time didnt work either. It was all ruined by Jiang Muyes fans...if the movie airs, she might really get famous overnight!" Chang Li said worriedly.

Ning Xi was just a sacrificial pawn to satisfy Ning Xueluo, but now that it seemed like she was going to get famous, it was a big slap on Chang Lis face.

"How is the rumor mill going?" Ning Xueluo asked calmly.

"All of them got shut down by the PR team, no thanks to Ling Zhizhi. Nothing is left! There was no solid proof of the rumors anyway!" Chang Li did not understand why Ning Xueluo was doing something so obviously futile.

Ning Xueluo gave her a frigid smile as she raked her manicured fingernails down Ning Xis picture on the computer screen. "Be patient. That was just the first step. Ill have her know her place!"

Chang Li cautioned in a low voice, "Xueluo, what are you trying to do? We'd better be careful this time! People are suspicious of you ever since we accused Ning Xi of hurting you with the props. This time, if"

"Shut up!" As if pained by Chang Lis words, her expression changed drastically. She was incensed about the incident. Su Yan had always been a hundred percent trusting of her, but since the incident, she had to be on her toes around Su Yan now.

"You dont need to tell me what to do. I know what Im doing!"

After the lesson from that incident, she was more cautious now. Even if anyone were to investigate the rumors, they would never find anything related to her!

After Ning Xueluo was done talking, she made a phone call. "Hey, Xiao Ya, how have you been recently? Want to go shopping tomorrow?"