Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 682

    Chapter 682: Revenge Of The Blondie

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    Ex-girlfriend turned Aunt

    At that moment, Jiang Muye could only think of three words what the heck?!

    Jiang Muye took a deep breath, then he roared at the phone, "Screw this! Youre giving me no choice, Ning Xiao Xi. Im going to tell Ling Zhizhi all about you. Ill tell her that youre getting into a relationship without her knowing!"

    Ning Xi was furious. "Damn it! Can you be any more shameless! Do you really consider yourself a bro of mine?"

    "What 'bro'? Arent you my aunt now?"

    "If you dare to tell her, Ill break your leg! Hey...hey"

    Beep...beep...the phone call had ended.

    Damn it! He wouldn't really tell on me, would he? Was he really a man? Was he really going to do something so childish?

    Ah...impulsiveness was really a terrible trait! She had totally forgotten about Ling Zhizhi! She remembered how she had promised her that she would just focus on her career and would never get into a relationship, but now she was completely breaking her promise!

    Beauty! It was all Beautys fault!

    As Ning Xi was about to dial Jiang Muye's number again, her screen lit up and it wasLing Zhizhi!

    Crap! Did Blondie really tell her?

    Her phone kept on ringing and Ning Xi was anxious, but she still picked it up and answered shakily, "Hey, Sis Zhizhi"

    "Ning Xi, I have something to ask you. Answer me honestly," Ling Zhizhi said in an exceptionally stern tone.

    Ning Xi thought that it was all going to be over!

    "Uh, what is it, Sis Zhizhi?" Ning Xi acted innocently.

    "Whats your relationship with Hu Hongda?"

    "Our relationship...uh, wait" Ning Xi was confused. "Sis Zhizhi, who?"

    "Hu Hongda?"

    "Whos Hu Hongda?" Ning Xi wondered. Was it not Lu Tingxiao?

    Ling Zhizhi let out a sigh of relief. "Its good that you dont know him."

    "What happened?"

    She thought that Jiang Muye had spilled the beans on her!

    "Hu Hongda is the CEO of Hongda Estate. There are rumors circulating online recently, saying that hes been keeping you as his mistress. Ive asked our PR department to delete all the related posts. Due to the popularity of 'The World', youve been getting a lot of attention recently. Although its been suppressed at the moment, people might bring it up again in the near future!

    "The PR department asked me to confirm with you what your relationship is with him, but you were on holiday these past few days and I was unable to contact you," Ling Zhizhi explained.

    To avoid unnecessary attention, Ning Xi had asked Jiang Muye to tell Ling Zhizhi and the crew that she had gone on a holiday.

    Ling Zhizhi was unable to contact her and coincidentally, the news came up at such a critical time; it was no wonder that she was so anxious.

    Even if Ling Zhizhi trusted her, what about the PR department? They must have thought that she had gone into hiding because of the news! Ling Zhizhi must have faced an enormous amount of pressure

    Ning Xi felt guilty, "Sis Zhizhi, Im really sorry. I will never be out of contact again. I really dont know this Hu Hongda and I have no relationship with him at all, rest assured!"