Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 68

    Chapter 68: Very Angry, But Keep Smiling

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    Ning Xi slept all the way to the next morning, and woke up naturally.

    She slept so well last night, but something didnt feel right. Why did a part of her tongue feel sore? Did she bite her own tongue in her sleep when she was dreaming?

    To bite herself was really too vicious

    Everything was as usual at breakfast.

    It seemed that Lu Tingxiao was going to work today; he looked refined in a business suit as he sat drinking coffee and reading a newspaper. He had on his typical cool and aloof expression, as if nothing had happened at all last night.

    Ning Xi breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe she was being too sensitive?

    Lu Tingxiao might have some vague feelings for her, but surely not to the point of jealousy? Let alone being jealous of his own nephew

    Lu Tingxiaos expression looked normal, but Little Bun looked a little strange.

    Little Bun had been sullen the whole morning, as if he had been robbed of something.

    Ning Xi gave him a soup dumpling and asked concernedly, "Darling, whats wrong? Youre not happy?"

    Little Bun looked at his nonchalant dad, his expression becoming angrier, but remembering that Auntie Xiao Xi liked his smile the most, he tried hard to smile to show that he was fine.

    Im very angry, but I must keep smiling!

    Only then did Ning Xi relax, and quickly finished her breakfast. "Then Im leaving first. Enjoy your breakfast!"

    The second male lead would be coming today, so it was better for her to arrive at the set a little earlier.

    Just as she was about to take her bag and leave, Little Bun suddenly went to her side, his small hands plucking at her clothes.

    Ning Xi was confused. "What is it?"

    Knowing she didnt understand, Little Bun looked aggrieved and like he was about to cry, as if he had fallen out of her favor.

    Ning Xi scratched her head and thought a long time, but still didnt understand what she might have done wrong. At last, she could only look to Lu Tingxiao for help.

    Lu Tingxiao glanced at her, and simply reminded her, "You forgot to give him a goodbye kiss."

    "Ohhh, sorry!" Ning Xi slapped her forehead as she finally remembered.

    She didnt know when it started, but they had a little routine where she would kiss his face everyday before leaving, and Little Bun liked it very much. Today, she was in so much of a hurry that she had forgotten.

    Ning Xi didnt leave until after she had hugged and kissed him.

    Little Treasure waved goodbye to Auntie Xiao Xi. Then he turned to face his father, his face showing extreme anger, as if saying, "Dont think that Ill forgive you just because you helped me just now."

    Lu Tingxiao didnt seem to notice his sons furious glare, and sipped his coffee composedly. "Sorry, I dont understand your expression. If you have something you want to tell me, open your mouth or write it down."

    Little Treasure immediately got even angrier after hearing that.

    Even with Ning Xis help, currently he could only sometimes write down words and draw expressions or symbols, never writing sentences which were too long, to say nothing of speaking.

    In the end, he furiously wrote one word on the tablet: "thief".

    Lu Tingxiao glanced at the word, and pretended to be puzzled. "What? Our house got broken into?"

    Little Treasure crossly puffed up his cheeks, lowered his head, and with a swish, wrote several words in Chinese: "You stole Auntie Xiao Xi last night!!!"

    Seeing the string of words in a grammatically complete sentence, Lu Tingxiao was finally satisfied. He lowered the newspaper to look at this son, and asked meaningfully, "Dont you want Auntie Xiao Xi to be my wife?"

    "Mine!" Little Treasure wrote on the tablet.

    Lu Tingxiao raised his eyebrow. "I regret to tell you that the both of you dont match; youre nineteen years younger than her, would you make a girl wait so many years for you to grow up?"

    Little Treasure buried himself in drawing a rotten egg.

    Seeing that realistic-looking rotten egg, a light smile appeared on Lu Tingxiaos face. "But Im speaking the truth, arent I?"

    After saying that, he paused, then continued in a very beguiling tone. "But itll be different if she were my wife, because she would be your mother."


    Hearing this, Little Bun was stunned. He lowered his head silently, his face showing some struggle and hesitation