Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 679

    Chapter 679: None Of Them Could Survive Beyond A Week

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    When he saw the way Lu Jingli choked at this piece of information, Lu Tingxiao could not help but smile. His heart, which was initially heavy, seemed to have lightened up a little.

    He did need to clear his head.

    All of this had happened too suddenly that it felt so surreal. He was afraid that he would wake up and realize that this was all a dream. Even more terrifying was the possibility of her only saying those words in the heat of the moment, that she would turn around and regret it. He was afraid that this happiness was a short-lived affair and that he would not overcome the clair-de-lune in her heart...

    After all, the biggest emptiness would be felt not from never possessing something, but from losing it after having a taste of it.

    Now, his happiness only brought torment to his heart.

    She had introduced him to Gong Shangze before as her boss, friend, master, and talent scouter.

    What about now? What was he to her?

    She might have just said those things impulsively after experiencing a life and death situation, not wanting to have any regrets. In such a situation, her feelings for him might have been intentionally heightened under such peril.

    And after she said what she did, what would come after? How about their future? She might not have even thought about it at all...

    The "what if's" made endless rounds in his heart and head over and over again, but he still did not want to ask her in the end.

    Even though he really wanted to know the answers were, he dared not to open it, fearing a case of Pandora's box.

    "'re not lovelorn, but you're in love?" Lu Jingli reiterated.

    Lu Tingxiao looked at the sun setting in the horizon of the river and said, "Maybe."

    "Why do you say 'maybe'? Since it's a case of mutual affection, shouldn't dating be naturally the next step? Wait, that's not right either...there are quite a few kinds of relationships that could come after seeing each other eye to eye. Not only romantic relationships...for example, a short one night stand, or a few dates, or a long-term mistress..."

    Lu Jingli was obviously an expert on this as he started to analyze the different kinds of possible relationships. Until he noticed his brother's face was cooler than the river breeze. He quickly stopped blabbering and coughed. "Actually...did you guys do it since Xiao Xi Xi confessed to you?"

    "No," replied Lu Tingxiao curtly.

    However, that was because she had been injured. Otherwise, he was not too sure how things would have actually progressed...

    Even though he expected so. Lu Jingli still looked distraught and sighed, then consoled his brother, "If you didn't, then that basically rules all the other possibilities, right? It must be a purely romantic relationship!"

    All of a sudden, Lu Jingli's expression stiffened. "Oh, crap...a romantic relationship seems to be even scarier. How did I forget that outcome?"

    Lu Jingli anxiously scratched his head and said sadly, "Based on my investigations previously, none of Xiao Xi Xi's ex-boyfriends survived beyond a week! Most lasted about three or four days! There was even one who lasted for only one day! The one who lasted the longest seems to be Jiang Muye, which was for a week! The scariest thing is that Xiao Xi Xi is the type who will never date an ex; she is very cruel to all her ex-boyfriends, so there is definitely no possibility of making up after breaking up! Aaahh! This girl won't do what she did before, will she?"

    Lu Jingli wrung his hands and anxiously asked, "Bro, how long has it been since the two of you had this whole special thing going on?"

    Lu Tingxiao's expression darkened as he uttered, "It's only the first day."