Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 678

    Chapter 678: Who Told You I Was Lovelorn?

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    After he hung up on the chauffeur, Lu Jingli drove quickly to the riverside where Lu Tingxiao always went when he was unhappy.

    "Oh, brother, hold on! Don't take things too hard! You still have me!" When he saw the familiar silhouette loitering around the riverbank, Lu Jingli immediately ran over and jumped on Lu Tingxiao, intending to topple him over.

    Lu Tingxiao had sharply noticed that there was someone behind him, so he moved aside and avoided the attack.

    From the corner of his eye, he recognized the familiar shadow and his hand shot out to hold on to the back of Lu Jingli's collar, pulling him back from almost jumping into the river.

    Lu Tingxiao rushed to put out his cigarette and frowned. "What are you doing?"

    Because Lu Jingli had almost jumped into the river himself, he was still traumatized from the experience, patting his own chest to calm himself down. He replied anxiously, "Obviously, I was trying to stop you from jumping into the river!"

    Lu Tingxiao kept silent for quite a few seconds, then stressed word by word, "Who told you that I was going to jump into the river?"

    "The chauffeur said so! He said you were going to jump! Anyway, it doesn't matter who said it! The point is, bro, don't think of doing something stupid!"

    Lu Tingxiao sighed helplessly. How could it be the chauffeur? His brother must have been jumping to conclusions again.

    "The world is so huge with so many hot fish in the sea. There must be someone who's suitable for you! You can't lose hope to live just because you've been lovelorn once!" Lu Jingli advised till his mouth turned dry.

    "Who told you I'm lovelorn?" Lu Tingxiao asked, looking amused.

    "Xiao Xi Xi has already confessed to whoever that is! She must have already succeeded!" Lu Jingli looked upset.

    Lu Tingxiao looked at him like his brother was the wisest man on earth. "Mmm."

    "Aha! I knew it! Bro, don't you or anyone else try to stop me. I must go and cut that wild man into pieces and throw him into the river to feed the fishes..."

    Before he could finish, Lu Tingxiao's voice interrupted, "The person she confessed to was me."

    Lu Jingli almost choked on his saliva and coughed in surprise. "What???"

    "That wild man...Eh, wait! The person Xiao Xi Xi confessed to was you? Bro, did you get confused now that you've suffered such a heartbreaking provocation? Or are you just kidding?"

    Lu Tingxiao shot him a look with a cool gaze. Obviously, he was neither joking nor was he confused.

    Lu Jingli himself felt like he was going crazy himself.

    Lu Jingli instantly exploded as he circled the same spot for about 49 times, "Bro!!! Are you telling the truth? Did Xiao Xi Xi really confess to you? That's completely bewildering and illogical! There is no way, no way, no way...Why do I not understand this world anymore? Who am I, where am I and what am I called?"

    Lu Tingxiao stood in the midst of the river breeze and lit up another cigarette. To tell the truth, upon seeing Lu Jingli's reaction, he felt much more consoled because initially, he had decided to stay calm.

    No matter if it was the chauffeur's, Cheng Feng's, or Lu Jingli's reaction, there were all exactly the same.

    Lu Jingli rambled on for a few minutes before he finally slowed down and thought about it. "That's not right. Since Xiao Xi Xi has confessed to you, why do you still look lovelorn?

    And why are you here in the breeze?"

    Lu Tingxiao replied, "I'm feeling too emotional, I need to calm down."