Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 677

    Chapter 677: What? My Brother Wants To Jump Into The River?

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    Up front, for the safety of driving the car, the chauffeur very consciously pressed the button that wound up the divider for their privacy.

    Ning Xi puffed up her cheeks and looked angry. She definitely had a reason to believe that Lu Tingxiao was intentionally taking revenge because she said that the 90 percent was for Little Treasure...

    Looking at the girl's lively expression, Lu Tingxiao's gaze turned into a deep, bottomless swirl, capturing one's soul...

    He always could not help but stare at her and want to get close to her. All because he did not feel secure.

    When they got down from the car, Lu Tingxiao walked her to the door of her apartment.

    "Stay at home to rest well for the next few days. Don't run around," reminded Lu Tingxiao seriously.

    Ning Xi nodded obediently. "Definitely, with this leg of mine, even if I wanted to run, I couldn't!"

    Lu Tingxiao looked suspiciously at her. He bet that even if both her legs were shot, it would not stop her from actively moving around...

    Ning Xi knew that she had many bad past records, so she coughed lightly and reassured, "It's true, I guarantee that I won't run around! Take my word for it!"

    After she repeated this over and over again, Lu Tingxiao had no choice but to believe her. "Then, I'll leave now."

    "Eh? Leaving so soon?! It's still quite early, why don't you come in for some tea before you leave?" Ning Xi asked.

    In a flash, the man's expression instantly became dangerous again. "Do you know what those words of yours imply to a man?"

    Ning Xi was instantly confused and her mouth twitched. "Hey! What are you thinking? I'm just inviting you to come in for a cup of tea! I'm implying what the words say on the surface! I'm not inviting you in to do whatnot! Lu Tingxiao, are you that corrupted now?"

    Lu Tingxiao held her by the waist and kissed her roughly as if he wanted to deliver all his buried emotions through the kiss. "Infected by you."

    Ning Xi was speechless. Her fault again...

    Also, why was it that now whenever she and the devil were not on the same page, they would start kissing?

    After he left the Regal Riveria, Lu Tingxiao did not go home immediately. He went to the riverside instead.

    "Boss, you're not going home...?" Cheng Feng hesitated to ask.

    He had already gotten what he wanted. Why did it feel like the boss still had things weighing on his mind?

    "Mmm." Under the cold breeze across the river, Lu Tingxiao lit up a cigarette and did not say anything.

    Cheng Feng did not want to ask too much either, so he just left.

    Lu Tingxiao obviously wanted to be alone for a while, that much Cheng Feng could tell. Thus, Cheng Feng and the chauffeur got into the car and left first.

    Halfway through, the chauffeur's phone rang. It was Lu Jingli.

    "Hello, Second Master!"

    "Where's my brother? Did you guys pick him up?" Lu Jingli sounded a little awkward on the other end of the phone.

    "Yes, we already did. Second Master, is there anything you need?"

    "Then, why isn't he back yet?" It seemed like Lu Jingli was already waiting at home.

    "Oh, Master hasn't gone home yet. He sent Miss Ning Xi home first then went to the riverside alone," answered the chauffeur truthfully.

    "What? My brother wants to jump into the river!" shouted Lu Jingli before the chauffeur could continue, then the phone went dead.

    The chauffeur's eardrums were shaken by the yell and he was stunned. "I...when did I say Master wants to jump into the river? I didn't, did I? I just said he went to the riverside!"

    How did Second Master hear what he thought he did? How in the world did he misunderstand like that?

    Cheng Feng's mouth twitched in amusement. "Second Master's thought process is rather out of the ordinary."