Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 671

Chapter 671: Worried It Would Not Be Exciting Enough

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Night fell and there was no sight of the moon outside, only several stars loomed in the dark sky above.

Inside where there was no trace of any light, only a blurred silhouette could be seen.

The man leaned his stiff body forward slightly with one palm on the girl's waist. The girl kneeled on the bed with her arms around his neck, the slender shape of her neck against the dim light appealing to him greatly...

Lu Tingxiao's brain had blanked out earlier from his inner struggle after his world was blasted by Lu Jingli's horrible news. However, at that moment, he did not know who he was anymore.

It was too quiet. It was as if he had been struck by lightning; he did not move at all.

At last, after holding her breath for so long, Ning Xi's heart started to thump wildly. What was going on?

No matter if it was good or bad, at least he should give some reaction. She had prepared for so long after all and killed so many brain cells, even giving it her all...

Ning Xi could not help but whine slightly, "Hey, Lu Tingxiao, I'm confessing my feelings to you here. Could you at least react a little? Even if you want to reject me..."

Lu Tingxiao finally responded, but his body was still as stiff as a statue. Only a warm whisper indicated he was speaking, "What...what did you just say?"

"I said I'm confessing my feelings to you!"


"Duh, who did you think it was?"

After the short exchange, the dead silence returned.

Until the air rang with a soft sneeze did the frozen atmosphere thaw.

It was already deep into winter and even though the room had a heater turned on, it was still chilly if one did not wear anything.

In the next second, Lu Tingxiao instinctively picked up the blanket and wrapped the girl tightly like a silkworm cocoon. "Foolishness! Do you want to be even sicker than you are right now?"

Ning Xi was so mad until she scrunched up her shoulders and sniffed while mumbling, "Lame...I thought so hard about how to confess that my head was about to explode and I even put down my ego to ask around for help before I thought of this idea. I wanted to give you a memorable confession experience! Ah-choo..."

"Put on your clothes! Where are your clothes?" Lu Tingxiao felt like he was about to go insane from a mix of frustration and lust.

"I'm not wearing them! You haven't replied me yet!" Ning Xi muttered without complying.

Her clothes were still under the blanket. In her rush earlier, she could only curl under it to strip.

When Lu Tingxiao heard her refusal, he had an indescribable expression. "Do you still need me to respond?"

Ning Xi's eyes shone, then she asked, "Then, are you very surprised? Is this memorable enough? I still think this way of confessing my feelings is too common and not exciting enough! It's all Lu Jingli's fault, his big mouth! I wanted more time to prepare myself for it to be perfect and wait till at least tomorrow. Just now, I saw that you had probably misunderstood what Lu Jingli blabbered to you about and I was worried that you would think nonsensically, so I had to do it now, at the last minute and that caused me to be so rushed!"

Listening to the girl ramble on with her incessant complaints, Lu Tingxiao did not know what to say.

His long fingers covered his forehead helplessly, then he held up her hand and brought the other hand to cover his left chest. His tone sounded awkward and hoarse as if he had just returned from hell. "Not exciting enough? My was about to stop beating from that fright you gave me. What more do you want?"

"Uhh...was it that serious?" Ning Xi blinked.

She was only afraid that it would not be exciting and special enough. She didn't think that she would have possibly overdone it...