Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 667

Chapter 667: Xiao Xi Xi, Who Do You Want To Confess To?

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When he saw Ning Xi chatting with Jiang Muye for so long, Lu Tingxiao's expression stiffened. "Time to have your medicine."

"Oh, oh...right away!" Ning Xi hung up.

Just as she was prepared to return the phone to Lu Tingxiao, her eyes flew wide open.

On the screensaver of the phone was their selfie from the theme park!

It was such a playful photo. She thought that Lu Tingxiao was only accommodating them and did not like it himself but who knew...

Sigh, how could the devil be so hot yet so adorable?

She really wanted to make that picture her screensaver on her phone too. Sadly, her occupation did not allow such a thing, which would definitely cause unnecessary scandal.

However, she did quite like her current screensaver and it was very meaningful. It was the first portrait that Little Treasure had drawn for her. On numerous occasions since she made it her screensaver, many people had asked her which artist had drawn her portrait and they wanted her to introduce them. However, she obviously could not announce Master Little Treasure to the world!

Lu Tingxiao watched her look at his own phone screensaver with a strange look on her face and he quickly took away the phone, passing her her pills.

Ning Xi looked at the myriad of pills with various sizes and felt her head spin. "Why are there so many pills? Do I have to eat them all?"

The nurse holding the plate by the side quickly explained, "Madam Lu, yes, you have to eat them all. You still have a slight fever and your wound was seriously infected. Apart from that, your..."

The nurse continued to ramble on with reasons to make sure that she did not miss even a single pill.

Ning Xi could only look to Lu Tingxiao for mercy.

However, Lu Tingxiao just gave her a stern look, indicating that there was no space for negotiation at all. "If you don't want to swallow the pills, don't cause a ruckus next time."

Ning Xi blinked and said, "My dear..."

Lu Tingxiao then responded, "When you finish them, I'll take you out to play. There's a Sika deer in the garden."

Ning Xi's eyes shone then she immediately finished the medicine obediently.

Even though she had a fear of taking medicine, she would still obey...she was greedy for the warmth of Lu Tingxiao...

Only in front of him would she entirely let go of any restraint on her vulnerability and temperament...

When the nurse watched the two of them interacting, she was so jealous that she started to tear up. He spoilt her so wonderfully! He was practically coaxing her like a little girl!

Mr. Lu was usually so cool...this was unbelievable!

After that phone call, Ning Xi had started to plan how she should confess her feelings. She actually called herself the queen of picking up girls, but who'd expect that something as menial as confessing would trouble her!

Actually, the task was not difficult. The main thing was that she wanted to do it for the devil and he had done so much for her. She thought that her confession had to impress him, so she had to be careful about it.

Thus, that night, out of desperation, Ning Xi started to seek for help again.

This time, the level of help was significantly higher than Jiang Muye.

"Hello...who's this?" The person on the other end of the phone seemed to have been woken up from their sleep.

"Hello, Second Master, it's me!"

"Xiao Xi Xi!!! Are you alright now? I heard my brother said you were kidnapped? And you were even shot? Why are you calling me so late at night? Did something happen?"

"Yes! It's an utmost emergency! Second Master, I need immediate backup! How do I confess so that the other person has a strong impression of me that will last for the rest of their lives till they die?" Ning Xi asked in one breath.

Lu Jingli, who was on the other end of the phone, kept silent for a long while before he stuttered, "Con...confess...Xiao Xi Xi, you want to confess to someone?"