Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 665

    Chapter 665: Teach Me How To Confess My Feelings To A Man!

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    Ning Xi looked at Lu Tingxiao, full of curiosity. "Boss, what kind of wife do you like? The gentle type? The unreasonable type? The funny type? Cute? Silly?"

    Lu Tingxiao glanced at her. "I like all of them."

    Ning Xi smirked. "Boss, youre terribly greedy"

    "Because that's all you." Because she embodied those characteristics, he liked all of them.

    Ning Xi remained silent. Since she was still feeling weak, she was afraid that her heart could not withstand his flirtatious advances.

    At a five star hotel in D.C.

    There was still no news of Ning Xi after three days and Guo Qisheng was extremely worried. "Muye, who did you ask help from last night? Is he actually reliable?"

    Jiang Muye brooded and did not say a word.

    Unreliable? If he was unreliable, then there would not be anyone else that could be counted on.

    Jiang Muye had actually struggled to call Lu Tingxiao. He hated himself for being so helpless and useless. He could not stand that he was unable to protect the woman he loved and had to rely on someone elses help

    He believed in karma now; he was so used to breaking girls' hearts and now he was paying the price

    He had called Cheng Feng for an update earlier on and realized that the problem was much bigger than he thought, so he did not want to keep disturbing him.

    But considering that some time had already passed, could there be some latest news?

    He decided to make a phone call. If God gave him another chance, he...he might never have made this torturous call!

    "Hello, Uncle, did you find her?"


    "Hows Ning Xi? Is she alright? Can I speak to her?"

    Lu Tingxiao frowned, not wanting Ning Xi to be bothered at the moment.

    Well, okay, fine, he simply did not want his wife to talk to any man! Especially when this particular man was obviously still missing his wife. He cared so much for her that he was feeling defensive.

    Ning Xi was measuring her temperature when her sharp hearing senses picked up Jiang Muyes voice and she panicked. "Ah! Ive gone missing! The crew must be worried sick! Dear, let me talk to him!"

    From various aspects, Ning Xi really was an exceptional actress

    The speed of putting herself into the role and her professionalismNo one could ever know!

    Lu Tingxiao nodded curtly and handed her the phone.

    Ning Xi quickly greeted, "Hello, Jiang Muye!"

    "Ning Xiao Xi! What have you done! Youve just given me the worst scare of my life! Why did you go to Philadelphia all of a sudden?! And...did I just hear you call someone 'dear'...who are you calling?" Jiang Muye asked like a bullet train.

    "It must have been your imagination!" Ning Xi blushed and made up a lie on the spot. "Well, you know, laws pretty much don't exist here. I was kidnapped but thankfully your uncle was here in time. Everything is alright now!"

    "How about you? Are you okay? Are you injured?" Jiang Muye asked in concern.

    "Just some minor injuries, it's no big deal. Oh, right...I actually have something important to discuss with you now!" Ning Xi informed seriously.

    Ning Xi glanced around and saw Lu Tingxiao go to speak to the doctor, so she quickly said, "Teach me how to confess my feelings to a man!"