Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 662

Chapter 662: Little Junior Sister Had Become The Lady Boss!

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" is Madam Lu here?" The old Minister and the Captain were shocked to see the woman appear so unexpectedly.

Lu Tingxiao just wordlessly took off his coat and wrapped the girl in it, then he carefully carried her.

How could the old minister not understand at that point?!

Lu Tingxiao had not trusted them at all and he long had other tricks up his sleeves. He had decided to cause a distraction while someone was ordered to go save her.

Naka was evidently embarrassed since he had not settled the issue well after all. He had meant to play mind games with them, when in fact, they had better clarity of the bigger picture all along.

Thus, he quickly went up to Lu Tingxiao and tried to make amends for his inadequacy. "Mr. Lu, please come this way. With Madam Lu's current situation, I'm afraid she needs to be immediately treated. We have already prepared the best medical team for her! The hospital can be quite noisy, so you can bring Madam straight to my humble home to recuperate!"

What Lu Tingxiao wanted to do the most at that moment was to bring Ning Xi home. However, when he looked at the bloody gunshot wound on Ning Xi's thigh, he thought about how she might be suffering from other unseen injuries.

In her current state, she probably could not withstand the stress of a long distance journey. What she needed was immediate medical treatment.

At last, Lu Tingxiao decided to stay temporarily and at the same time, give some face to the old Minister. "Please do, Minister."

When the Minister heard this, he was finally less stressed and got the medical team to rush over.

The medical team had been behind the bigger team right from the start, so they went over fairly quickly. Immediately, a stretcher was carried over and experienced medical staff attended to Ning Xi.

"Mr. Lu, please lay Madam carefully on the stretcher."

Lu Tingxiao nodded slightly before he lightly put Ning Xi down.

Just as she was laid down, the girl who had been unconscious suddenly jolted and subconsciously clung onto Lu Tingxiao's neck. She frowned in agony, pleading, "No...don't..."

Her throat was dry and her voice was soft as a kitten with a coarse mew, sounding extremely pitiful.

Lu Tingxiao's heart instantly melted into a mess. He immediately picked the girl up again and patted her lightly. "Don't be afraid, I'm right here."

Tang Lang watched speechlessly with wide eyes. In shock, he coughed profusely. This was his first time seeing the vulnerable side of Little Junior Sister akin to a white little flower, and even more unbelievably, such a gentle Lu Tingxiao!

"Mr. Lu, your relationship with your wife is so beautiful! Well then, Mr. Lu, carry her first. As long as you don't touch her wound, it should be fine," advised the medical staff with touched smiles.

Lu Tingxiao had not intended to lay her down anyway. Seeing her like that, how could he bear to?

Tang Lang suddenly thought of something important and quickly said, "Boss, do you remember that you promised to give me what I wanted three days later?"

Lu Tingxiao did not remove his gaze from the girl at all when he responded with a grunt.

"Mission succeeded. I will now disappear!" Tang Lang bade farewell.

"Is there water?" Lu Tingxiao asked the doctor.

Tang Lang was speechless at being ignored.

Forget it! He should just disappear quickly!

The Boss only cared about Little Junior Sister now and anyone else was practically invisible to him.

Hey, hey, hey...who knew? Perhaps it was fated. After so long, Little Junior Sister had actually became his lady boss!

Nice one, my Little Junior Sister!