Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 66

    Chapter 66: You Promised to Keep Me Company Tonight

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    This situation was quickly driving Ning Xi insane. She said to Muye in a low voice, "I should be asking you that! How do you know Lu Tingxiao?!"

    Jiang Muye: "I told you, hes my uncle!"

    Ning Xi: "Then why didn't you tell me earlier?!"

    Jiang Muye: "You never asked!"

    Ning Xi: ""

    "How do you and my uncle know each other?" Jiang Muye looked between the two of them; the more he looked, the more he felt that something wasnt right, but he couldnt tell exactly what it was.

    "Its a long story" Exhausted, Ning Xi touched her forehead. These four words were to both Jiang Muye and Lu Tingxiao.

    Jiang Muye looked like he was dying to ask questions, but didnt dare open his mouth in Lu Tingxiaos presence.

    She smelt nice after having just showered. The large, baggy T-shirt showed off her slender, white legs, and one hand was still trying to cover the hole in the shirt.It was a view that made the blood boil, and knowing that she looked like this in another mans house made Lu Tingxiao want to suddenly destroy something.

    While he raged a few times over in his heart,it happened in the space of a few seconds which almost went unnoticed. On the outside, Lu Tingxiao just had a slightly cold expression,and he glared at Ning Xi."Are you planning to stay here, or go back with me?"

    The words were said flatly, but carried unimaginable weight.

    Jiang Muye caught the underlying meaning, and he looked at Ning Xi in shock and disbelief.

    What was the meaning of this?? They didn't just know each other, they were also living together?

    Ning Xi looked at the icy cold Lu Tingxiao, then looked at the furious Jiang Muye. She swallowed with difficulty. "I Ill go back after all."

    The cold air Lu Tingxiao was emitting thawed slightly.

    Jiang Muye lost his temper and immediately grabbed Ning Xis wrist, his beautiful, light blue eyes filled with both nervousness and the rage of betrayal. "You promised to keep me company tonight!!!"

    As soon as he said the words, Ning Xi wanted to send him flying with one punch.Young man, dont make things sound so misleading!

    She lifted her head and looked at Lu Tingxiao; as expected, he looked like he was quickly reaching his limit,as if there was only one metal bar left before the beast came bursting out

    Ning Xi took back her hand and held onto her temper as she persuaded, "Muye, I need to film tomorrow, didnt Brother Ming say you also have something on in the morning?Lets wait for a day when were both free, then Ill play PC games with you another time, alright?"

    Ning Xi emphasized "play PC games" on purpose.

    After she finished speaking, she quickly grabbed her big, black bag, and without changing into something else, she ran for her life from thistroublesome place, hand still covering the hole in the shirt.

    Lu Tingxiao looked intensely at Jiang Muye before catching up to Ning Xi.

    Seeing the backs of the two as they left together, as well as Lu Tingxiaos provoking look as they left,flames burned in Jiang Muyes eyes

    Damn it! No wonder that woman knew that road was blocked

    Ning Xi, how much are you hiding from me!

    At that moment, Ning Xi was trembling as she ran back, when the weight in her hand was suddenly removed; Lu Tingxiao was helping her carry her bag.

    Then she felt something settle on her shoulders; Lu Tingxiao had put his coat on her.

    "Thank you" Ning Xi thanked him in embarrassment.

    Lu Tingxiaos face remained cold, and he didn't react at all.

    Any reaction would have been good; as long as there was one,she would know how to respond this lack of reaction made people the most nervous