Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 656

    Chapter 656: I Will Take You Away!

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    On the other side, the Captain solemnly advised Lu Tingxiao, "Mr. Lu, the situation doesn't look positive. I can threaten them here and there, but if we really were to mobilize firearms...this won't do!"

    "Why not?" Lu Tingxiao's eyes blazed murderously. He was already prepared to give it his all.

    Big deal, he would just agree to Minister Naka's disadvantageous conditions! So what if this war was incited?

    Initially, he had some hesitations when he saw the silver-haired man because he recognized that this was who Ning Xi had mentioned, the person she really liked.

    However, it turned out that she had taken such a huge risk and gone through such danger to travel to Philadelphia secretly just to see him?

    She had followed him willingly...

    Such a fact pierced his heart like an arrow, saddening him deeply.

    Though, the moment he felt hopeless, Ning Xi had suddenly appeared and actually admitted herself as his wife!!! She obviously did not want to leave with this person! She begged him for help!

    He had experienced death in a moment and was revived in the next.

    Lu Tingxiao had instantly returned to the human realm from hell.

    Regardless of what and how, he had to bring her home with him today!

    And at that moment, the silver-haired guy's thoughts were barely in sync with Lu Tingxiao's.

    Brat! Don't want to leave with me? Then, I will take you away with me!


    "Big Senior Brother, just let me go, okay? Please, I'm begging you?"

    "Big Senior Brother, if you let me go today, I will be your slave to return my gratitude in the next lifetime!"

    "Big Senior Brother, do you really not care about brotherhood anymore? Am I not still the Little Junior Sister you love the most?"


    In the car, no matter how Ning Xi begged, Tang Ye was not moved at all.

    Finally, Ning Xi gave up and hopelessly slumped on the car seat, recalling the heady moment she saw Lu Tingxiao. The more she thought about it, the more she felt miserable.

    It would be better if there was no hope at all. In such a moment, she had unexpectedly seen him...

    Even though this little car looked shabby, it was still functioning well and Tang Ye could drive it away pretty quickly.

    When they were about to reach the jetty, a person suddenly appeared on the road in front of them. She and Tang Ye would never have thought that someone would appear here at that moment...

    Tang Ye halted the car with the emergency brake and stopped half a meter from the man.

    They saw that the person who blocked their way was someone with curly brown hair, tanned skin, and a nonchalant expression. It was...

    Ning Xi was so shocked that she stuttered, "Second...Second...Second..."

    "Second what?" The man's brows raised and in that moment, to Ning Xi, it was like millions of cherry blossom trees had flowered.

    "Second Senior Brother!!! Second Senior Brother! Second Senior Brother, Second Senior Brother, Second Senior Brother..." Ning Xi's expression was so emotional as if she was a crazy fan who had just seen her favorite idol and she started to cheer with sheer joy.

    She even forgot that the wound on her thigh hurt, jumping out the car and running over. "Second Senior Brother! It really is you!"

    The man laughed heartily. "Hahahahaha! Little Senior Sister, miss me?"

    "I miss, miss, miss you! Oh, Second Senior Brother, I missed you so much!" Ning Xi's eyes teared up. She had not seen him for so long and she really did miss him a lot.

    She had been afraid of many people back then, but Tang Lang was the one person she had always wanted to see the most and liked being close to.

    The guy rubbed her messy long hair and said, "Good girl, good girl! I missed you too! Aiya, Little Junior Sister, your hair is so long already. You look nice with long hair. Turns out that you're a really pretty little girl!"